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·        Opened new checking account

- originally had trouble transferring balance from old to new account because Fran refused to sign the transfer check, but then eventually did sign

-  Scott and I are currently signatories on the new checking a/c

 - need to add Rose and the new interim President as signatories since Scott is resigning due to family issues

 - Scott has graciously agreed to stay on until we another signatory is available

·        The open accounts with Staples and Lowes have been closed – we are attempting to get a refund due to expenses being fraudulent, but need to get a report sent to Attorney Farley from audit firm (Zavada)

·        Contact has been made with Wayne Bank to retrieve any and all documentation on loans/lines of credit

·        We have 2017 Financials, but no trust in #’s

·        2018 Financials and Budget should be in the format as required by Hinkle Settlement

·        Also the monthly $1,667 transfer to the Lake Reserve should be resuming

·        Royal Security  -     the $150 invoice was for an annual maintenance contract

-         ceased transmissions to any i-phones previously in effect (Art’s phone)

-         had rep in office to demonstrate how system works

·        Verizon – had late payment penalty erased and switched to auto payment

·        We will be presenting invoices for approval for payment in a minute, as well as checks to be signed

·        Our software was again attacked by a virus – the password to the WLLA email address was changed

-         someone unchecked boxes used to back up some software

-         luckily, this was detected and corrected

·        As discussed at our last Board Meeting / as stated in the Roles and Regs (red book) / and as directed by our Attorney, ALL Board members were invited to attend an informal gathering to consider choosing an interim president until the next election – it was not, contrary to false rumors/false emails, a clandestine Board Meeting

·        At this gathering, there were no minutes taken, no formalities, no votes, nothing secretive that was not going to be presented at the next Board Meeting, and anyone who states otherwise is just making false accusations

·        Also at this gathering, I mentioned that someone had gotten into our software again, and we needed to prevent this from happening again by stopping access to the WLLA office by unauthorized persons – too many keys have been issued for which we have no control

·        So I asked if the Board would be receptive to having the locks changed and limiting distribution – they concurred, and it was agreed to get an estimate

·        Before we could act on this, we were once again hit with the virus

·        We suspect that someone improperly gained entrance to the office, but luckily we were able to restore our software due to back ups

·        Unfortunately, however, the virus blew the hard drive on one of the computers and it needs to be replaced


It has been truly disheartening that, rather than discussing matters, some individuals still partake in spreading information that is not completely factual – it is based on rumors and hearsay. This does nothing to bring the WLLA community together. In fact, you are being no more transparent than those that you have accused of having no transparency. By the way, please do note that Financials and Minutes cannot be posted to the website until they are approved at the following Board Meeting.


I ask the Membership to take a step back and view what is being done currently, as compared to just months ago. Unlike what occurred in the past, ideas and suggestions are welcome. Stop dividing, and instead work together. I understand your frustration, but I invite all members to be part of the solution. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. I urge you not to let your frustration and anger cloud your judgment. Don’t sacrifice the long term well-being of this Community to satisfy your short term desire for punishment.

Thank you - we will now submit invoices for approval for payment and checks to be signed.