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This summary is released by Janice Hahn, WLLA President outlining issues discussed at the

Saturday, January 19, 2019 monthly Board of Directors meeting.


Present:Janice Hahn, Carol Reynolds, Carol Gillen, Rose Murphy, Linda Verge, Maryann Muschlitz, Mario Aieta, Michael DeVita, William McCarthy, John Weber, Marvin Schechter, Bill Reese


Excused: Paul Palladino, Ron Lisciandrello, Vicky Perrotta


         A thank you was expressed to The Womenís Club for their donation of fifty-five wheelchair pillows to Milford Senior Care and for their continued contributions to community facilities.


         A motion was made and approved to accept the resignation of President Janice Hahn effective Saturday, May 18, 2019.After more than a year of total commitment to re-organizing the office, assisting to insure fiscal security, overseeing a proper election and re-establishing effective committees, Janice has decided to resume enjoying her retirement with her husband.


The Interim President position will be posted on the website and bulletin boards for all interested members in good standing wishing to submit a Letter of Intent to assume the position beginning May 18, 2019 until Saturday, September 21, 2019.The position of President will again be on the ballot at the July election.


         An Executive BOD meeting was held on Saturday, December 8, 2018 to discuss the Hoffman memorandum conclusions regarding Wayne Bank.A vote was taken to seek an attorney on a pro bono or contingency basis before the statute of limitations expires.


In addition, at the Executive BOD Meeting the resignation of Will Murchio was accepted and Marvin Schechter was presented to fill the vacant seat by President Janice Hahn, voted on and approved by the BOD.


This procedure was repeated at this monthís meeting.


         The case concerning citations issued for violations at West Shore Beach has been appealed and will be heard before the court in April.


         John Weber reported that no additional property taxes are added if a homeowner lives on a township road which would offset their responsibility to pay WLLA road fees.







         A lien was levied on the Tortorella property but in December it was foreclosed upon.The PA law states only six months plus a proration of the current year can be recovered.An invoice for $1079.86 was submitted to the bank and the payment was received.


         An explanation of Judicial Sale/Free and Clear sale was explained: if property is not purchased and goes to a Repository Sale, WLLA can purchase it for $100 and keep it as green space or purchase it for $1500 for resale.


         A motion was made and approved to retain the firm of Levy, Stieh, Gaughan & Baron as the Association counsel.A transition will take place from Atty. Tom Farley within the next few weeks and a discussion of separation of prior and ongoing work to be decided.


         The Legal Committee received a draft of the Declaratory Judgement action through Atty. Farley against Philadelphia Insurance for additional years regarding theft by Art Politano.The Legal Committee is reviewing the draft before filing.


         On December 5, 2018, the approved consultation with Atty. John Stieh was held regarding a formula previously used in lawsuit addressing lake usage fees for a Maple Park resident.Because the case was over 20 years old, the documentation was unable to be found; however, Atty. Stieh was helpful in finalizing the calculation for the Maple Park pro rate share billing.


         A motion was made and approved to send out invoices to Maple Park residents for the $60 pro rate share for 2019.Overdue invoices for the 2018 $10 mandatory fee were assessed a finance charge.


         A meeting was requested with Hinkel Estates president, Bill Reese, to discuss some settlement financial arrangements.


         Carol Gillen delivered the Treasurerís report.A motion was passed to pay bills as presented.Refer to the website for the report and the current financial statement.


         All Committee reports will be posted on the WLLA website www.walkerlake.com ††


         A list of all committees, chairs and members is posted on the website.Community members wishing to serve on a committee of their choice should send an email to wllassociation@gmail.com