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100 Walker Lake Road                                                          Telephone: (570) 296-7788

Shohola, Pennsylvania 18458                                               Email:


This summary is released by Janice Hahn, President Elect of the WLLA office outlining issues discussed at the Saturday, August 18, 2018 monthly Board of Directors meeting.


Present:  Janice Hahn, Carol Gillen, Vicky Perrotta, Darlene Challacombe, Mario Aieta, Michael DeVita, Rose Murphy, William McCarthy, Carol Reynolds, Paul Palladino, Martin Zuckerman


Excused: Wendy Wishnie-Orlansky, Ron Lisciandrello

Absent: Michael Misciagno


·         Minutes from the Saturday, July 21, 2018 BOD monthly meeting and the General Membership Meeting were approved and are posted on the WLLA website.


·         A thank you was expressed to the Women’s Club for their generous contribution from the Penny Social proceeds.


·         A thank you was expressed to Bill Bekisz for providing his excavator to spread the new sand at West Shore Beach.


·         A thank you was expressed to Marvin Schechter for conducting mandatory Fiduciary Training sessions to new and returning Board of Directors members.


·         In an Executive Session held Saturday, August 18, 2018 at 9am, the Board of Directors passed a motion to allocate $5000 to hire Atty. Steve Hoffmann, Norris McLaughlin Law Firm of Allentown, PA to determine the viability of a lawsuit against Wayne Bank regarding loans procured by Art Politano.


·         The new signatories are in place at Wayne Bank: Janice Hahn, Carol Gillen, Carol Reynolds and Rose Murphy. 


·         The Association has a raft for sale with the asking price of $1000.  If interested, please contact the office.


·         The Association phone service was switched from Verizon to Blue Ridge resulting in a yearly savings of $1560.  Until the installation is completed, please e-mail or stop into the office.  We can accept calls during office hours via the FAX line 570-296-4603.  Cable was disconnected in the clubhouse but anyone wishing to view a program may stream it through their computer via Wi-Fi.


·         Our insurance company liaison was contacted and confirmed there is no fishing in or near swimming areas; no fishing allowed in swimming areas even when the swim season is over; fishing is allowed in designated areas only: Sandy Beach and the dam area and of course lakefront landowners may fish off their land.  No fires are allowed on any WLLA property.


·         Six homeowners were sent letters regarding the long-term rental of their homes requesting the proper fees and renter information.


·         Carol Gillen delivered the Treasurer’s report.  A motion was passed to pay bills as presented.  Refer to the website for the report and current financial statements. 


·         The Constitutional Amendments per the Hinkel settlement were sent to all members in good standing for final approval with a return by September 8, 2018.  The outcome will be announced at the September 15th General Membership meeting.


·         Tags should be in place on all boats stored on WLLA property or they will be removed and brought to the clubhouse area in full view of the security cameras and motion detector lights for recovery or resale.


·         The Security Committee interviewed Jim Reardon, Regional Manager for Legion Security regarding patrols.  A proposal is forthcoming.  Carol Reynolds will contact numerous associations in our area to determine what security measures they use and determine if we should collectively employ a security company for cost effectiveness and coverage.


·         The Road Committee reported receiving bids for snow plowing and will re-contact the companies to determine a final decision.


·         The Rules and Regulations Committee did not meet due to lack of attendance.


·         Communications Committee reported the Fall newsletter will be going out by mail and e-mail    mid-September and for the first time will feature an article highlighting a talented homeowner.


·         Late assessment invoices have been mailed with added interest.  Invoices remaining unpaid will be given to Atty. Farley this month for collection.


·         All Committee reports will be posted on the WLLA website.


·         Member comments were heard and addressed.


·         A list of all committees, chairs and members are posted on the website.  Community members wishing to serve on a committee of their choice should send an email to


·         September 15, 2018 at 10am is the next General Membership Meeting – all landowners are welcome to attend and may speak if an agenda item pertains directly to them.  The BOD Monthly Meeting will immediately follow.  Carol Reynolds, Vice President will conduct the meeting with Attorney Tom Farley in attendance.