Vol. #98 March/April 2007

July Elections Meeting

Mark your calendars for this important General Membership Meeting to be held at the Clubhouse at 2 p.m. on July 15, 2007. Members-in-good-standing of the Association are eligible to vote in the election of Officers and Directors. The following positions are up for election: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and seven (7) Directors. Nominations will be taken from the floor at the July meeting prior to the election.  Further details are available in the article from the Nominations Committee in this newsletter.

Attention All Landowners

Notice is hereby given.  After June 30, 2007, any boats found on Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association property, including designated boat storage areas, without a current WLLA identification tag will be removed to the Walker Lake Clubhouse for storage.  After July 31, 2007, any remaining untagged boats will be permanently removed.  

A Message from WLLA Community Manager

- WLLA Beach Badges, Parking & Boat (dock) stickers are available in the office.
The Parking and Boat (dock) stickers are remaining RED. If you have stickers from
last year, then please pick up the '07 reflective stickers to put on your existing sticker(s). The Beach Badges are purple this year. The color will continue to change every year. Please make sure WLLA badges and stickers are VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES when on WLLA common areas, roads, and lake to avoid being stopped by WLLA Crime Watch.

- If you have not paid your assessment(s) and membership fee, you are now considered a "Member NOT-in-good-standing". All past due accounts are being assessed finance charges at the rate of 1.25% per month.  WLLA does not supply
badges and stickers to anyone NOT a Member in-good-standing. WLLA now accepts
payment by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We also are accepting payment plans.

-WLLA is also accepting lot donations of land that have a free and clear title. All expenses incurred in the property transfer are to be paid by the current owner, not WLLA. Please contact the office @ 296-7788 if interested.
Have a pleasant and safe summer season.
Kellee Cicala

-There have been numerous acts of vandalism in the community including graffiti on the new road signs and the destruction of four different street signs. Be aware that the
Association offers a reward to anyone who reports vandals and the vandals are
successfully prosecuted. Please keep vigilant and help identify those responsible.
Call Kellee at the office @ 296-7788.

Treasurers Report
April 2007

The checking account balance as of April 30, 2007 was $67,092.36.

Expenses for April were $27,909.51.

Total funds in the Reserve Accounts are $170,724.55 as of April 30th.

The past due notices are being sent to those who have not paid as of March 31, 2007. There is a 1.25% per month finance charge per month for ALL delinquent accounts.
Please call the office and let us know if a payment plan can be helpful to you. We will try to help by setting up a plan that will enable payments while minimizing the finance charges.
It is important to remember that each of us has a responsibility to the Association to pay the maintenance charges on time. This insures that the Association (that's you) has the necessary funds to keep all the common areas and buildings in tip top shape. Remember, if the Association's common grounds, buildings, etc. become run down, your property values will reflect this condition. Our maintenance charges are, therefore, a good investment to keep the equity in your home at a high level. The lake, roads, clubhouse, beaches, and tennis court all help to make Walker Lake a desirable place in which to live and play.

We had a great General Membership meeting on May 20, 2007. There was constructive and lively discussion. I wish there were more members represented at the meeting but there were 38 to 40 members present. That is considered a good turn out. Please keep in mind that the July 15th meeting is for the General Membership to elect the board members whose terms end this year. It is very important that you support the candidates of your choice. We all know the old adage, "you get what you pay for". So, pay attention, spend time thinking of who should represent you and give your valuable time to attend the election meeting. In this way, we'll all benefit.

Thanks, Kellee for doing such a great job as Community Manager.

Bernie Reyes, Treasurer  

Nominations Committee

When President Richard Frantz appointed the Nominations Committee, he requested that two items be enacted, along with the regular tasks of the Committee. Item number one was that a form be made up for all candidates to fill out and item number two was that the Absentee Ballot process, previously approved, be enacted. These tasks were, and are, being completed.

The candidates who returned the Self Nomination Form will have their names pre-printed on the Ballot. The candidates who are nominated from the floor at the July General Meeting (Elections) will be asked to fill out the form, at which point the Board of Directors will go into a closed session to review the forms. After this is completed, the names will be given to those in attendance and the voting will begin.

The Nominations Committee mailed out the process for Absentee Ballots and return postcards on which to vote, along with a cover letter to all Members-in-good-standing. If approved by 2/3 of those Members-in-good-standing returning the postcard ballot, the Absentee Ballot procedure as prescribed by Attorney John Stieh and Mary Iverson, Co-Chair of the Rules and Regulations Committee (including the change from July to May for accepting nominations from the floor) will be enacted for the 2008 WLLA elections.

It must be stressed that this vote is only for the Absentee Ballot process, which is separate from the proposed Bylaws. In no way does this vote include or affect the proposed Bylaws. These are two entirely different issues; therefore, only the passage or rejection of the Absentee Ballot process will be determined by this vote.

Summer Social Events

Our Annual Penny Social is almost here! Prizes are being assembled and tickets are being printed so that everything will be ready for Saturday, July 14th. Doors open
at 6 p.m.

We need donations of baked goods to serve at the end of this event. If you are able to help us with this, please call the office at 296-7788 and let them know.
Thank you,
Grace Hachtman

We are having our Annual Beach Party on Saturday, July 21st from 4 PM until dark. All we ask is that you wear your Beach Badges (and bathing suits) and come hungry. Our great group of volunteers will have burgers, hot dogs, beans, watermelon, make your own ice cream sundaes, drinks, and LOTS of fun!!!  We will have our FAMOUS raw egg toss games and surprise games, and our music to dance and sing to. Lots of good enjoyment for our Community members! Set that afternoon aside for partying on the beach and good fellowship for all ages. We will need to know how many are coming in your group, so please call 296-7730 or the office to give us names for your nametags. Hope to see you all on that day, and if rain should threaten the fun, we will gather in the clubhouse like we did last year.
Barb Di Maio


Need something to read while lounging on the beach? We have a large selection of books of all sorts available for Members to borrow. Stop in at the office and see what sparks your interest!