Vol. #97 January/February 2007



Walker Lake Landowners Association Membership dues pay for:


Ø           Maintenance of your community infrastructure, the Clubhouse and its staff

Ø           Access to the Clubhouse, beaches, docks, picnic areas, tennis court, watercraft storage facility and docking areas

Ø           Attendance at all Community social events

Ø           Your eligibility to become part of WLLA’s governing body, to stand for election on and to vote for the Board of Directors

Ø           The ability to serve on Board of Directors Committees

Ø           The right to actively participate in General Membership Meetings

Ø           Receipt of the informative newsletter, Echoes From Our Lake

Ø           Participation in Crime Watch

Ø           More rights and privileges than we have space for here.




Your Board of Directors:


Ø           Is made up of your neighbors – all volunteer

Ø           Decides how your lake assessment dollars are used to make your community SAFE and keep it BEAUTIFUL

Ø           Makes decisions based on your VOICED needs and concerns

Ø           Works to protect your Lake, your roads, and your real estate value and equity




Be a proud member of this community

and have your voice heard.  It’s worth it!

Speak with Kellee at the Clubhouse – 570-296-7788

Community Announcements


1)    Please be aware that with the milder winter weather, more people are out walking and biking, so slow down and use caution when driving on our roads, particularly in areas of poor visibility.  Keep your safety and the safety of others who share the road with you in mind.

2)    The Tennis Court is a privilege and a responsibility we take seriously, and it is costly to repair. It is not a dog run or a place to ride bicycles or skate boards. It is designed for and should be used only as a tennis court.

3)    A fairly rotted red dock, approximately 8 x 12, was pulled out of the lake. It was stuck on the WLLA dam near the boat launch. If it is not claimed within 30 days, it will become the property of WLLA and will be destroyed by the Shohola Volunteer Fire Department. If you know to whom it belongs, or would like to come and claim it, please contact the WLLA office at 570-296-7788.

4)    The WLLA office is aware that several people spend the winter in another location. Please make sure that the WLLA office is informed of the contact information of the person(s) watching your home. In the event that we need to reach you, we can contact your designated person. This is vital in case of an unforeseen emergency. Please contact Kellee Cicala, Community Manager, with your information @ 570-296-7788.
5)    Please note that Sandy Beach is closed for the winter.
Happy New Year to all Walker Lake Property owners. 
I would like to start off 2007 by saying " THANK YOU" to every Board of Director
(executive and directors) for "unanimously" voting me in as the WLLA Community
Manager. I want to also thank every person that has stopped by the office, telephoned the office or sent in mail to the office to wish me well in my new position. I will work hard, side by side with our Board of Directors and committees, to ensure the smooth operation of Walker Lake L.O.A. lake, office, common areas, roads and volunteers. We are already meeting and coming up with exciting ideas for a successful and safe season.  We can't do it alone. We need your help and valuable input. In the weeks to follow, you will be receiving a survey to help us understand what the landowners feel can make this a community above all of the rest. Please kindly fill it out and return it in a timely manner. COMMUNICATION is essential between the association and its landowners. I am fortunate to work for and with the wonderful people here at WLLA.
Thank you,
Kellee Cicala, WLLA Community Manager



Treasurer’s Year End Report

The Wayne Bank checking account balance as of December 29th, 2007 was $39,043.87. This is made possible by the fact that the dues and assessments for 2007 have been paid in December by a number of the property owners. Thank you for the
great response. So far this year, expenses have been at a minimum due to the mild winter and the conscious effort of all concerned with keeping costs under control. We are off to a good start.
I would like to take this opportunity to clarify one issue that has been misunderstood by at least one member of our community. The misunderstanding arises from the belief that the Association has changed the payment date for the dues and assessments by making the property owners pay sooner (March 31st instead of June 30th). This is perceived as property owners paying the same annual amount for three quarters of the year instead of what they would pay for the full year. This is incorrect!
Our dues are paid on an annual basis (January 1st through December 31st). Our dues and assessments, according to the By-laws of the community, have always been payable on the last day of March and become delinquent on the first day of April. There has been no change to the annual assessment period. This confusion is caused by the Association having previously accepted payments through June 30th. Accepting payments this late in the year has created cash flow problems. We cannot plan and fulfill our annual obligations if we have to wait until half the year is over to ensure that our budget requirements are sufficient to carry us through the year.
 We, as an Association, are obligated to plan and discharge our duties in a professional and timely manner. It is therefore, imperative that we plan and provide for the smooth operation of the Association. In an effort to rectify this problem, we have merely restored the original deadlines. As a result, finance charges will be assessed on April 1st for all delinquent accounts without exception.
Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers working for a better community. Let's all pull together and make Walker Lake a community to be envied. 
Bernie Reyes


News from the Beach and Grounds Committee


As we have been venturing through the winter months looking for snowflakes, many of us are now turning our thoughts forward to upcoming warmer, summer days! We realize things were not accomplished for the summer of 2006 as we had hoped, and we have worked to remedy this.


The old raft at the Clubhouse beach has been removed, and a new one has been ordered and should be in place. A new place to order white sand for both beaches was finally located at the end of last August. Therefore, plans are in place to purchase new sand for both beaches early this spring. Sand has always been rather costly, so we are asking everyone to enjoy it but handle it with care, and keep it on the beaches so it will stay awhile for all of us.


In working with the Lake Committee, plans have also been made to stop the Elodea problem we had last summer from occurring again. This plan will be carried out early in the spring so that the water surfaces at both beaches, as well as throughout the lake, should be much better this coming summer.


So, get your beach towels washed and ready for our upcoming 2007 summer season. The beaches should be in much better shape, and I’m looking forward to seeing you at one of them.


Charlie Kieselmann

Chairman of Beach and Grounds
Mark Your Calendars!
v    June 2, 2007 - Bus trip to Atlantic City! Call now to get your name on the list so you don’t miss out. Contact Fran Orth at 570-296-5528 to sign up.
v    July 21, 2007 – Annual Beach Party to be held at our Clubhouse beach. Of course, the sun will shine, but if a few thunder bumpers come along, the Clubhouse will hold our wonderful Community of Walker Lake for fun and socializing. Many thanks to all, Barb Di Maio, Chair.
2007 Schedule of Meetings
January            Winter Recess (No meeting scheduled)
February            Winter Recess (No meeting scheduled)
March              Saturday, March 17th  (Board meeting)
April                 Saturday, April 21st  (Board meeting)
May                 Sunday, May 20th  (Board & General Membership Meetings)
June                Saturday, June 9th  (Board meeting)
July                  Sunday, July 15th  (Board & General Membership Meetings) Elections
August             Saturday, August 18th  (Board meeting)
September            Sunday, September 16th  (Board & General Membership Meetings)
October            Saturday, October 20th  (Board Meeting)
November            Saturday, November 17th  (Board Meeting)
December            Saturday, December 15th  (Board Meeting)
All Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association Members are encouraged to attend the meetings, which are held at the Read Clubhouse. Board of Directors meetings begin at 10:00 am and General Membership meetings begin at 2:00 pm. 
Note from the Editor:
In an effort to reduce expenses, we have decided to print the newsletter “in house”. This issue represents our first effort. By printing the newsletter ourselves, we look forward to adding color and other options, which had previously been cost prohibitive. As always, your contributions and suggestions are welcome. The deadline for submissions to the next newsletter is March 26, 2007. Please send submissions via email to the WLLA office at wlla@ptd.net or to kkilmer@ptd.net or in writing to WLLA, 100 Walker Lake Road, Shohola, PA 18458. 
Quotes of the month
“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”
                                                                     Albert Camus
And for those days when you can’t get outside to exercise, remember these words by Norman Cousins: “Laughter is inner jogging”. 
Important Information Concerning
Nominations and Elections of WLLA Officers and Board Members
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have determined that our efforts to institute an Absentee Ballot process require additional time. Therefore, we have chosen to alter our plans to institute the Absentee Ballot process.  
In the near future, Association Members will be asked to vote on amending our
Constitution/By-Laws so that nominations may be taken from the floor at the May
General Membership meeting and NOT at the July General Membership meeting.  
It is the opinion of the Executive Committee that proper protocol was followed, when in May 2005, a vote was taken of those members in attendance at the May General Membership meeting which overwhelmingly supported the concept of absentee ballots.  
Due to time constraints, in order to institute absentee ballots, nominations from the floor would have to be taken at the May General Membership meeting instead of at the July General Membership meeting.  Currently, our Constitution/By-Laws state that nominations are taken at the July General Membership meeting prior to elections.  Obviously, this would not allow those voting by absentee ballot a chance to cast their vote on a full slate of nominees. Should Association Members fail to adopt this amendment (changing the date of floor nominations from July to May), it will be impossible to institute an absentee ballot process.  
You recently received, via a special mailing on January 17, 2007, information concerning the Nominations and Elections for 2007.  All references to the absentee
ballot process contained in this correspondence should be considered void at this time.  
Also, please note that the date of the July General Meeting stated in this mailing was in error. The correct date is July 15, 2007.
Following is the Nominations and Elections procedure that has been approved by the
Nomination Committee, Legal Committee, and the Executive Committee:
Nominations and Elections for 2007
The 2007 Elections are going to be very important for all members of the Walker Lake Landowners Association.  In an effort to put forth accurate and timely information to the WLLA Community, the Nominations Committee has prepared several items of importance to aid in the nomination and electoral process on a going forward basis.
Because the revision of the WLLA By-Laws recently proposed for a membership vote
was defeated, we must revert to our existing WLLA Constitution and By-Laws. This means that the Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Vice President,
Treasurer and Secretary, will be elected and serve a term of two years. The WLLA
Board of Directors will be comprised of 15 directors, plus the last past president (not an elected position).  Additionally, it is important to note that our existing By-Laws permit only one vote per membership. 
In order to provide continuity, the President and Vice President will be elected on odd-numbered years and the Treasurer and Secretary will be elected on even-numbered years.  Board members will serve a term of three years and will be broken down into three classes of five per year.  
Please be advised that all four Executive Officers, including President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, must be elected this year. All but the President, whose term expires this year, are appointees and according to our By-Laws, appointees must stand for election at the next regular election. Additionally, there are seven board seats that must be elected. (Appointees with varying term lengths presently fill five of the seven board seats).  
Obviously, this is a confusing situation that must be corrected, as procedures have not been followed for quite some time.
To be eligible for nomination, please complete the Individual Nomination Form (enclosed).  Forms should be returned to the WLLA Office no later than April 1st, 2007 so that names may be presented to the Board of Directors at the April 21st, 2007 meeting.  Please note:  All those interested in running for election must complete an Individual Nomination Form (including incumbents and those nominated from the floor at the July 15th, 2007 General Membership meeting).
Upon review by the Board of Directors, a ballot will be posted three weeks prior to the July General Membership meeting on the WLLA website (walkerlake.com), in the WLLA Office, and on the bulletin board outside of the Carl Read Clubhouse.
Obviously, nominations taken from the floor will not be included on this ballot.
The names of the nominees will be presented to the members of the Association at the July 15th, 2007 General Membership meeting.  Nominations from the floor will then be taken and the Annual Election will take place. 
Following is a breakdown of all Officers and Directors to be voted upon as well as the term lengths:
President               Term 2007-2009               Secretary            Term 2006-2008
Vice President               Term 2007-2009               Treasurer            Term 2006-2008
Seat #1            2007-2009
Seat #2            2007-2009
Seat #3            2007-2010
Seat #4            2007-2010
Seat #5            2007-2010
Seat #6            2007-2010
Seat #7            2007-2010
All persons elected, take office at the September 16th, 2007 Board of Directors
Meeting at 10:00 am. 
PLEASE REMEMBER:  To be eligible to VOTE, be NOMINATED or ELECTED, all
membership dues and assessments must be paid in full by March 31st, 2007.  
We thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration and look forward to working with a friendly and cheerful group of applicants.
Should you have any questions, please call Kellee Cicala, Community Manager, at
the WLLA office at 570-296-7788.
Nominations Committee:
Pegge Dodge, Chair
Bernie Reyes, Treasurer
Linda Ott, Board Secretary
Kellee Cicala, Community Manager
Judy Kirtley-Mays
Linda Verge