Vol. #95 September/October 2006

Message From The President

I am pleased to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Association for their attendance at the meetings on September 17, 2006. The active participation of the members at the meetings is vital in order to ensure the smooth operation of the Board. Transparency on the part of the Board is essential in order to keep the membership properly informed.
Dick Frantz, President
From the Office

WLLA is in possession of a "damaged" canoe that was taken from the lake. The canoe is orange and has a WLLA boat permit sticker from 1999. Please contact the office at 296-7788 if it is yours or if you know who owns it. If it is not claimed 30 days after this announcement, it will become the property of WLLA.

Treasurer's Report

We have given the latest financial data to Jeff Seeds, our web master. He has been kind enough to put the reports on the Walker Lake website. To view the reports, just go to the website and select Board and then select the financial data in which you are interested. As always, this data is available in the clubhouse office if you prefer to see it there. Please feel free to ask Kellee or me if there are any questions. Thank you, Jeff, for volunteering to keep our web site going.
The checking account balance as of August 30, 2006 was $37,965.95. We have some
funds coming in from members that have received second notices. We will continue to send reminders out until the new invoices are prepared for 2007.

Bernie Reyes, Treasurer
From the Road Committee

With the fall and winter fast approaching, following are some things to keep in mind:

It is the property owner's responsibility to keep ditches and culverts in front of their property cleared of leaves and other debris. Failure to do so will cause water/ice from rain and melting snow to backup on the roadway creating hazardous driving conditions, as well as damage to our roads. You should also be aware that wet leaves on the road are very slippery. Please observe speed limits and drive safely.
During the winter months, ALWAYS have snow or all-weather radial tires on your vehicle. Drive BELOW the posted speed limit, which is 15 mph throughout most of our Walker Lake Community.  BE AWARE of plow trucks on the wrong side of the road - they ALWAYS have the right of way. Icy conditions are completely unpredictable. As the old saying goes, IF IN DOUBT, DON'T GO OUT!!!! If you positively must go out, please be extremely cautious. Once you lose control of your vehicle on ice, it is too late. Also, be extremely aware of other drivers losing control of their vehicles. Always stay a safe distance behind the car in front of you so that you have time to react appropriately.  When giving way to another vehicle, be aware of ditches along side the road that may be covered with snow and not visible, so that your vehicle does not get stuck in the snow or ice. DON'T travel out in a blizzard. Your road may be passable, however the odds are the rest of the roads won't be open until the snow or sleet stops. DON'T expect the impossible. It is also a good idea to carry bags of sand or kitty litter in your vehicle to create traction for your tires if you get stuck. Remember, we are at 1430 feet ABOVE sea level. Our Winter weather is colder and very often quite different than that of Milford, Port Jervis or Middletown. The snow and ice last longer at this higher elevation. Please heed these Winter driving tips for the safety of everyone.

Additionally, it would seem that the following reminder is common sense!  However, since it happens year after year, it is necessary to remind everyone that parking on WLLA roadways is prohibited, particularly during winter months.

If your vehicle is parked on the road and impedes snowplowing, YOUR VEHICLE WILL BE TOWED FROM THE ROAD AT YOUR EXPENSE!!!!!!


Help! Your Community Needs You

As most of you know, and for those of you who don't, Walker Lake has its own crime patrol. The patrols are manned by volunteers and we need help. As it stands now, there are only 20 people doing these patrols. That means that everyone does at least 2 weeks and some are doing 3 weeks. Since there are over 300 homes here, it doesn't seem fair that the same 20 people do the patrols. We could cut the number of weeks each person does if we could get more volunteers. Ideally, if we had 52 people, each would only have a week.
There is nothing difficult about doing a patrol. You will have 1 week (depending on the amount of volunteers) starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday. You patrol 1 hour a day at whatever time is convenient for you. If you can't do your assigned week, you can switch with someone. If it comes to doing 2 weeks, the weeks are split as far apart as possible.
It is important to keep the crime patrol operating. We need your help to do it. If you are interested in volunteering, please call John Innaco at 570-409-1876. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated and will also benefit our community.

Patti Innaco

Social Events Update

Mohegan Sun Trip
Our trip on August 7th to Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut was fabulous! 45 people rode the luxurious bus from Easton Coach driven safely and courteously by our resident bus driver, Ray Rhiel.  Everyone enjoyed a delicious free buffet that was included with our trip plus $10 to bet on the big wheel. We arrived back at the clubhouse around 9:15 pm just before it started to storm. Look for more bus trips to come!

We had a large turnout for our Bazaar on August 12th. Free refreshments, including pizza for lunch, were served to all. It was a good time to visit with and meet neighbors and get a bargain also! I want to thank everyone who donated money and articles, who helped set up, the vendors, our cashier, all the shoppers, and, of course, the clean-up crew. Pat Innaco won the 50-50 and 5 door prizes were given out.

Fran Orth

Halloween Pot Luck Supper
Saturday, October 28th at 5:30 pm

Back by popular demand is the Halloween Pot Luck Supper! Costumes are welcomed but definitely not necessary, however, awards will be given for the most original costume and for the funniest costume (one award for children and one for adults). Sound like fun? Well, all you have to do is get out your favorite recipe and make enough to share with ten people. Pick out your costume (if you choose to wear one), and bring your entire family to the clubhouse on Saturday, October 28th at 5:30 pm for an evening of fun. So that we can set up the hall and coordinate the different dishes of food, please call Kellee at the office, 296-7788, and let her know how many in your family will be attending and what type of dish you will be bringing.

Holiday Adventure
Pennsylvania Dutch Country and Longwood Gardens
Saturday, December 2, 2006

The Walker Lake Association is happy to announce its second day trip with many more to come!  We are planning an excursion in December to include the following:

We will leave the clubhouse at 7:30 AM and journey to Lancaster County with a morning rest stop enroute. We'll make a stop at Kitchen Kettle, a fun market with an assortment of treats and crafts to tempt the tourist. Continuing on, The Amish Experience awaits you, including a farmland tour taking you deep into the countryside and the heart of some of the most beautiful farmland and the oldest Amish community in the world. Roadside stands, bake shops and/or a visit to a craft or quilt shop on an Amish farm are among the unique happenings to be enjoyed on this two-hour tour.

Following your tour, a hearty meal of Amish favorites at the notable Plain and Fancy Restaurant is yours to enjoy. Family style dining with plenty of hot and hearty dishes such as iced raisin bread, fried chicken, baked ham, roast beef, and noodles will fill you and please the palate.

After lunch, we will continue to the Brandywine area of Pennsylvania to visit the beautiful Longwood Gardens. Purchased by Pierre du Pont in 1906, Longwood Gardens offer 1050 acres of gardens, woodlands and meadows. There are 20 indoor gardens within 4 acres of heated greenhouses. The complex is beautifully decorated for the Holidays and offers the visitor a number of activities to enjoy, including holiday sing-a-longs and tours of the du Pont home. After dark, a multitude of holiday lights are illuminated creating a fantasyland. There also are water fountains choreographed to music that are sure to please the senses.  

After this full and beautiful day, we will journey home with a rest stop enroute arriving back at the clubhouse at approximately 10:45 PM. You will arrive home filled with the spirit and the beauty of the season. We look forward to having you join us! To sign up, please call Fran Orth at 570-296-5528. The all-inclusive price per person is: $68.00 per adult and $52.00 per child 12 years and under.  

Letters to the Editor
Opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the WLLA Board of Directors.

Letter to the Editor:
This is to recognize some people in our community that deserve a vote of thanks.
        Jim and Pegge Dodge - Here is a couple who have full time, demanding jobs and still find time to serve our community. As the Chairman of the Lake Committee, Jim devotes much of his spare time to making certain that the lake and its surroundings are maintained properly. Pegge devotes her spare time to the Rules and Regs Committee, the Finance Committee, the Newsletter Committee, and the Board of Directors. Jim comes back to the community from traveling for his business to check on the lake or prepare reports for the Board of Directors and does so with a sense of dedication (and humor) that makes working with him a pleasure. More than once I have heard him say that he does what he does for the community (us) to give something back to the good people here. I can say, from first hand experience, that Jim and Pegge will do what is necessary to insure the well being of this community and its people. For example, besides the various committees, they volunteer for the bingo at the Shohola Fire and Rescue. Yes, Shohola Fire and Rescue is part of this community, and Jim and Pegge see this as a responsibility also.
        Joe and Linda Ott - The roads in this community are the lifeblood that enable us to travel to work, recreation inside and outside of the community and to do so with a minimum of concern during inclement weather. This doesn't happen by itself. Someone has to dedicate him or herself to insuring that the roads are maintained for our use. As Chairman of the Road Committee, Joe has done this job for six years. He works a full time demanding job, many times working double shifts, and comes home to inspect the roads and prepare reports for the Board of Directors. Linda volunteers for the Rules and Regs Committee, the Newsletter Committee, and the Finance Committee. She is always ready to work and contribute to the many tasks that need to be done. As Chairman of the Road Committee, Joe receives all the complaints but little of the recognition he deserves for a job well done. I've never heard him ask for anything except to be allowed to perform the duties of the Road Chair to the best of his abilities. Volunteering for these duties takes a special kind of person and we have that in Joe and Linda.
        Kellee Cicala - There is no more professional or dedicated person that I have known than Kellee. As the Office Manager, she offers a rare combination of caring and professionalism. She gives generously of her time and is there, without being asked, to offer help and guidance to those in our community when they need it. I have often heard her tell others that she loves the people in this community and wants to see us prosper. The office has benefited from her striving to make things more efficient and many of the new innovations in the office are the result of her efforts. The last meeting of the General Membership, September 17, 2006, is an example of Kellee's going the extra mile for our community. She covered for one of our Directors who couldn't supply the refreshments that day. She set up all the chairs and tables in the clubhouse in preparation for our meeting. She did this without being asked nor asking for help. All that she does is done without asking for recognition but from a genuine desire to make our community a better one.
        I've listed the people above in no particular order. They are each equally invaluable to this community. Their selfless work on our behalf is not only admirable but extraordinary. They are here for us and we should be thankful to them and be mindful of the good work they all do.
Bernie Reyes

Dear Landowners,
     I was very glad to see a large number of owners at the September Board Meetings to express their concerns about a number of issues. I was very dismayed however to hear almost no conversation or questions about the state of our lake.
     I believe that the lake is the most important asset this community has. It substantially adds to the property values of EVERYONE who has rights to the lake and THAT INCLUDES ALL PROPERTY OWNERS in Walker Lake Inc., Pennsylvania Lakeshores, Maple Park and Hinkle Estates. If the lake is not properly monitored and cared for *we all suffer*, not just in reduced property values but in reduced ability to use the lake as we want to.
     There was much less use of the lake this summer, by swimmers, fishermen and boaters, because of the abundance of weeds in the lake. These weeds made it very unpleasant to swim and caught fishing tackle and boat oars or motors. Nothing was done to address this issue until August. Added to that was the terrible lack of care of our beaches and floats.
     Ralph and I received a number of calls from people complaining of these issues and in each case we told callers to let the Lake Committee Chair or the WLLA Office know of their concerns. Yet, at a Board meeting where I raised this issue, I was told that the Office and the Lake Chair had had only ONE call!
     I am asking property owners to make themselves heard on this issue. I believe that the time has come for professional management of the Lake. I understand that the Lake Committee is supposedly investigating this matter but they said nothing about this issue at the September meetings. I urge owners to let the WLLA Office and the Lake Committee know how important this is!
     There is free technical assistance available from the Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds. This is a team of specialists who provide free assistance to eligible groups under a PA Growing Greener Grant. They apparently could provide us with an assessment of treatment recommendations for our lake at no cost. There is a simple application found at: http://pa.water.usgs.gov/csaw/. If WLLA is not eligible for some reason, I am fairly certain this could be done through the Twin and Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy. I raised this at the August meeting but as far as I know this has not been pursued. *Again, I urge owners to let WLLA know how they feel about this important issue*!

Linda Cioppa

Note from the Editor

If you prefer to view the newsletter on the website and do not want to receive the newsletter by mail, please notify the WLLA office at wlla@ptd.net or at 570-296-7788 and we will remove you from the newsletter mailing list.