Vol. #93 May/June 2006

Message From The President

I want to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Walker Lake for their increased attendance at the General Membership meetings. Participation at these meetings gives the members of the Board a valuable insight into the issues that are of concern to our community. Your association is here to serve the best interests of all of our members, and your continued interest and support is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Dick Frantz

Annual Membership Meeting

The next general membership meeting will be held on Sunday, July 16th, 2006 at
2:00 pm in the Read Clubhouse. Come out and meet your fellow residents, and take the opportunity to become involved in your community.

Elections will be held at this meeting for two seats on the Board of Directors. Anyone considering nomination for the Board must be a Member in Good Standing and must be willing and able to attend monthly Board meetings and to serve on a committee. Board members serve for a three-year term, beginning in September 2006.

Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting. Only Members in Good Standing will be allowed to nominate and to vote.  

Stay informed on current issues that affect our community.  See you there!

"From the Office"

Beach badges, boat permit stickers, parking permit stickers and hanging parking permits, as well as reflective "06" stickers are available at the office for members who have paid their dues and assessments.

Lake Committee Report - June 2006

        There is a family of beaver in the lake.  They have a lodge on the East shore of the lake near Chet and Pat Dawson's property.  We have contacted Paupack Wildlife Control and they will trap and relocate the entire family as soon as the newborn pups have been weaned.  This will probably be in mid to late August.  In the meantime, shoreline residents should protect their valuable trees and shrubs by wrapping them in hardware cloth or some other metal mesh.  Beaver and other wildlife are a fact of life of country living and it is up to us as individuals to learn to cohabitate with them.  Our trapper has someone who wants to populate with beaver, and we will be happy to relocate ours as soon as possible.
        Northeast Labs has taken water samples of the lake and a well water source.  They will analyze our lake for e-coli and chemicals on a weekly basis for the duration of the swimming season.  They will take samples every Thursday and conduct testing on Thursday evenings so that we may have current information for each weekend.
        We have reseeded the dam with grass as per the recommendation of Fred Schoenagel, our dam inspector.  Sometime around July we will also apply a grubicide to the dam.
        We will be stocking the lake with fish this fall.
        We are still looking for the owner of the dock that washed up against the dam last year.  If anyone knows who owns it (we assume that a lakeshore resident would notice if a portion of their dock is missing), please contact the WLLA office.  There is a pending charge for the removal of the dock.  It is still on the shore behind the East side of the dam and we would like it reclaimed.  If no one claims it, we will have to remove it and destroy it.   The subject of loose docks and floats is something that recurs often.  Anyone finding a floating object against his or her shoreline should contact the WLLA office to report it.  Anyone missing a floating object should contact the office.  Residents are encouraged to retrieve their docks, floats or boats on their own, however, if one washes against the dam, it then becomes WLLA's responsibility to protect the dam and have it removed lest it cause damage to the dam.  In fact, the dock that washed up against the dam last year did chip the dam slightly.  Residents are reminded that all docks, floats and watercraft are required to be identifiable with a sticker issued by the WLLA office.
        Don Wall installed an extension to a pipe that was discharging runoff into the road leading to the Clubhouse Beach.  This extension is buried under the road and is designed to withstand vehicle traffic.  It carries runoff directly into the catch basin at the foot of the road.  This should go a long way towards reducing the amount of runoff onto the beach.
        Just a reminder that anyone with a lake related issue or observing something that should be brought to the attention of the lake committee is encouraged to contact the WLLA office or any member of the lake committee.

Jim Dodge
Ed Zimmermann
Lake Committee Co-Chairs

2006 Road Maintenance & Upgrades

Weather permitting, this year's road maintenance work will begin during the week of June 14th and run until June 22nd.  

Sealing of the roads that are currently asphalted is scheduled for the week of June 14th through June 16th.  Asphalting of additional roads (the lower ends of Birch, White Spruce, Mohawk, Iroquois, Cahoonzie, & Algonquin Roads) is scheduled for June 20th through June 22nd.  Gravel road maintenance will be done on an as needed basis throughout the summer.

Please keep in mind that driving on freshly sealed or asphalted roadways may cause damage to your vehicle.  Therefore, it will be necessary for you to park your vehicles off the roads that are being worked on for approximately 12-24 hours during and following the completion of the work.  

During this time, you may park at the WLLA clubhouse or along roads that are not being worked on. If you opt for parking on the road, please keep in mind that it is necessary that you do so safely, so that you do not block the road of access for emergency vehicles.

We know that this is an inconvenience, however we ask for your cooperation so that this work can be done with as little disruption as possible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Joe Ott
Road Committee Chairman

Treasurers Report for May 31, 2006.

WLLA has an outstanding balance in our lake, road and membership assessments of
$176,756.00. This represents over 55% of the assessments for this year that has not been paid by our membership.

Please make every effort to make your payments as soon as possible. Our association, that is all of us, is responsible for maintaining our lake, roads, beaches and grounds in the best condition possible. To those who pay their assessments on time, a sincere Thank You. To those who have not paid, please do so as soon as possible. As a not-for-profit organization, run completely by volunteers, we do not have other sources of revenue to fall back on. It costs a considerable amount of money to keep the association roads, beaches, lake and grounds from deteriorating and having a negative impact on our property values. If we all pay our assessments on time, the association will be spared the expense of seeking other means to recover the funds in arrears. Be considerate of your neighbors. We are all responsible for maintaining our
association. It is not fair to those who pay responsibly to be the ones to carry
the burden for all.

Please consider volunteering for a committee. We need your participation to keep
the community vibrant and in step with a changing environment due to population
growth and the associated building boom that inevitably follows. Without your time and expertise, we have difficulty keeping abreast of the various issues that need to be addressed. Come to the clubhouse and ask how you can contribute. By sharing your ideas, we benefit from diverse opinions that may help find solutions to new and some old problems facing the community. We need YOU!

Bernie Reyes

In Memoriam

We regret to announce the passing of David Van Deventer. David and his wife, Hazel, were long-time residents of Walker Lake. An active member of the community in many ways, David served the Association in several capacities, including as Vice-President. He set up the first computer system, and brought to light the need to care for the life of the lake. He is remembered as a resourceful man, a voice of reason, and a man of dignity and sincerity, well respected by those who knew him.

Summer Activities

July 8th - Penny Social
Our annual Penny Social is almost here. The doors open at 6 pm and the calling will start promptly at 8 pm. This is a fun activity that is enjoyed by everyone, young and old.
At the end of the evening, we serve cake and refreshments. In order to do this, we are in need of cakes and baked goods. Would you please consider donating a baked good for this event? If you will be donating a baked good, please call us at the WLLA office at 296-7788. Baked goods can be delivered Friday night up until 9 pm or on Saturday from 5 pm on.
Thank you,
Grace Hachtman

July 22nd - Community Beach Party…4 pm until dusk
We will have good food, thirst quenchers, watermelon, make-your-own ice cream sundaes, music, and games…and GREAT fellowship with our wonderful Walker Lake community members. A day to enjoy and remember from year to year! Anyone wishing to volunteer his or her help, please call me at 296-7730.
Happily, your chairperson,
Barb Di Maio

August 12th - Bazaar and Flea Market
Our Bazaar and Flea Market will be held on Saturday from 9-4 pm. There will be lots of interesting items as well as free refreshments for all. Tables are available for $5 each. Donations of baked goods and items for the bazaar are needed. Please contact Fran at 296-5528 with donations.
Fran Orth

Possible Bus Trip
Plans are underway for a possible bus trip to either Atlantic City or Mohegan Sun. If you would be interested in participating, please contact Fran Orth at 296-5528.

New Arts Association Established in Our Area

Over 70 local creative artists and art advocates, including residents of Walker Lake, joined together recently to form The Barryville Area Arts Association (BAAA). The group includes painters, potters, sculptors, fiber artists, jewelry designers, writers, musicians, composers, filmmakers, theater directors, costume designers, performers, dancers, architects, photographers, and graphic artists…all within a 15-mile radius.  
BAAA is looking forward to becoming an important local resource and to working closely with other community organizations. The group plans to produce a visitors guide in the near future, so that member artists can be contacted directly. The guide will be distributed in certain venues in Sullivan and Pike Counties. BAAA founders would like to give a special thanks to Jan Poppendieck and Pegge Dodge for identifying PA artists and providing contact information and for their instrumental role in providing important input on the name of the association. For additional information on The Barryville Area Arts Association, contact Sally Rowe by calling 845-557-3640 or at hillsidestudios@frontiernet.net.

Conservancy holds meeting with Fox Hollow Developer

The Twin and Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy held a public meeting on June 3rd with representatives of the proposed 300-acre development on Twin Lakes Road across from Walker Lake. The developer, engineer, and attorney were present as well as members of the Conservancy and residents of Twin and Walker Lakes.

A presentation by the engineer for the project was made in which he described their plans for storm water management and sewage and potable water management. Federal, state and local regulations require that the discharge of storm water from a developed area cannot exceed pre-development conditions. The proposed development is directly adjacent to Little Walker Lake, which feeds into our lake. To prevent excess storm run-off into Little Walker Lake, the development would include a detention basin that would hold excess storm water and release it gradually into Little Walker Lake. According to the engineer, this basin will also catch leaves and other debris that would otherwise go into Little Walker Lake and eventually into Walker Lake.

On-site wells and septics are planned for the 100 home development. Soil evaluation and perc tests are currently being performed, and the results of those tests will determine how many homes will actually be permitted by Shohola Township. The plan is to build 3500 sq. ft. homes on lots ranging in size from 2 to 7 acres. The developer stated that he plans to preserve as much forest as possible, creating undisturbed areas around each property. There will be a clubhouse, pool, and tennis courts included in the project. He estimated that it will be at least one year from now before he starts the development and that it could take up to 3-4 years to complete the project.

There was lively discussion from those in attendance, and every effort was made to respond to questions from the audience. The question was raised regarding whether the development has lake rights to Walker Lake but was tabled for another discussion since the focus of this meeting was on conservancy issues.

We'd like to thank the Conservancy for organizing this meeting and for their work in protecting and preserving our watershed.  

Letter to the Editor

Dear Friends and Neighbors at Walker Lake,
        As we all know, there are houses going up in many areas of our lake community. Pike county has their GIS system on their website.  If you have access to a
computer, you can look up the owners of neighboring properties and contact them
to see if you can purchase them.  
        First, you will need a map of where your property is located at Walker Lake.
Most likely you can obtain this map at our office.  The website address for the
GIS is: www.pikepa.org.  When you arrive at the website, look at the top, right
hand corner.  Click on "GIS".  Then scroll down to "Proceed To Mapping/GIS
System" and click on that.  After reading the "disclaimer", click on "Accept".
You will then be taken to the "Parcel Search".  Type in your name and click on
"Search".  When you identify your parcel by comparing the lot and block numbers
to the map make note of what the "Map Number" is for your property.  It will
look something like this:  049.04-02-61.  The last 2 numbers of this map number
are the larger numbers marked on the lots on the Walker Lake map.  So in other
words, if you want to see who owns the lots next to you on either side, you can
search by, example: 049.04-02-60, and 049.04-02-59.  It sounds more complicated
than it really is to do.  
        I have purchased several lots and in doing so, saved myself from having a
house built right next door.  Even if a builder owns the land, they sometimes
are willing to sell it to you. It would be very nice if we could all take responsibility in preserving the land and woods that are undeveloped at our lake.
        In closing I would like to add that, even though there have been houses going
up, we are quite fortunate to have nice, and friendly people that moved in.  I
am delighted that my new neighbors fit that category.

Roseanne E. Gargiulo