Vol. #92 March/April 2006

General Membership Meeting

The first General Membership meeting of 2006 will be held on Sunday,
May 21, 2006 at 2:00 pm in The Read Clubhouse.

Your attendance at and participation in the General Membership meetings is vital to the well being of our community. Important issues will be discussed that pertain to all four areas of The Walker Lake Community, including Walker Lake, Inc., Pennsylvania Lakeshores, Maple Park, and Hinkel Estates. Committee reports will provide current information about the status of the lake, roads, and beaches as well as information about legal and financial matters of interest to the community. We encourage you to get involved and become an active member of a committee.

Of particular importance, the proposed budget for 2006 will be voted on at this meeting. A copy of the proposed budget will be available for review at the WLLA office prior to the General Meeting.


A ban on open burning has been established in Pike County for 30 days beginning at 12:00 am on April 14, 2006. Due to unusually dry conditions over the past four months, the potential for wildfires is very high, posing a serious threat to residents of Pike County.

Open burning is defined as the ignition and subsequent burning of any combustible material (garbage, leaves, grass, twigs, litter, paper, vegetative material involved with land clearing or any sort of debris) out-of-doors either in a burn barrel (screened or unscreened) or on the ground.

Thank you from the Former Treasurer!

Effective March 1, 2006, I resigned my position as treasurer of the Association. After the election Dick and Paul asked me to take the position of treasurer and I was honored to serve again. I want to thank them both for putting their trust in me and for working with me, however short my tenure. Several unforeseen events occurred in the fall, which ultimately led me to make my decision. 1.) The office and all its procedures are much more complex than the last time I held the position and require very frequent attention and oversight. 2.) The sudden rise in gas prices, which meant that traveling from home in Poughkeepsie, NY to the lake became much more expensive. 3.) My wife, Geri, had unexpected open-heart surgery and I thank Linda for continuing to handle the treasurer's work while I took care of Geri for several months.

Based on these considerations and the current state of the Association finances, it is important that the treasurer be fully involved. As a part-time lake resident, I could not fulfill this need. Therefore I asked Dick and Paul at the November 2005 Board meeting to look for a replacement.

Let me again thank Dick and Paul and the members of the Board for their support, particularly while working in the 2006 budget. I truly enjoyed the time spent with the Board and the many lively discussions and I wish you well.

Gerry Hoernes

Road Report

While the majority of our roads held-up well during 2005-06, there are multiple trouble spots that have arisen.  These trouble spots are mostly due to the profound increase in heavy construction vehicles entering the community, particularly during the restriction period of January through April.  

Don Wall (TLC) is currently in the process of making road repairs on most of the damaged roads that we have identified during our many inspections.  These repairs will not happen overnight, but will be ongoing throughout the spring & summer season.  Reflective signs will be installed at various entrance roads into the community restricting heavy vehicles during the period of January 15th through April 15th.   

During this spring and summer, additional asphalting and sealing of the roads that were laid down two years ago will begin.  A target start date and the expected duration of roadwork projects will be established and made available to the community.  Please keep in mind that this roadwork will require a 24-hour set-up period.  Therefore, roads will be closed off during this timeframe.   We plan to keep you informed of these events via the community bulletin board and our website.   

In addition, the road committee is in the process of exploring new ways to enforce our restrictions in an effort to protect our roads.  Our investment in road upgrades and maintenance is approaching $250,000.  We cannot afford to lose control over this sizeable investment.

It is vital that property owners contact the WLLA Office and complete a formal written complaint should they observe damage being done to our roads. Only then can we act on bringing these matters to the attention of those responsible for the damage.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at 570-296-2915.

Joe Ott
Road Committee Chairman

Thank you, Jack

Jack Rauch announced his retirement as Chairman of the Crime Watch Committee at the April meeting of the Board of Directors. Jack has volunteered countless hours both as our former Vice-President and as Crime Watch Chairman. Many thanks, Jack!

Crime Watch volunteers patrol the community 52 weeks of the year. With Jack's retirement, we need someone to take over as Chairman to organize and schedule Crime Watch activities. Please call the WLLA office if you are willing to volunteer.

Guilty…ATV Rider Fined

A Walker Lake resident was found guilty of operating an ATV on WLLA roads. District Justice Alan B. Cooper, Magistrate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, County of Pike, re-affirmed that ATVs and other such vehicles are illegal on any public roadway and private roads in the State of Pennsylvania.

At a Summary Trial held on March 27, 2006 at the District Court in Shohola, Justice Cooper fined the defendant $100.00 plus court costs.

If any resident of the Walker Lake Community has a complaint concerning ATVs, motorbikes or such, please pick up a complaint form at the WLLA office and complete all the information required. You may also go directly to the court, located at 502 Little Walker Road, Shohola, and file a complaint or you can contact our local police department.

Paul Palladino, Vice President
Chairman Legal Committee

District Court 60-3-03 (570) 296-7726
502 Little Walker Road     Fax: (570) 296-3558
Shohola, PA 18458

March 29, 2006

To All Community Associations Within Pike County Judicial District 60-3-03

Re: Off Road Vehicles

Over the years I have encountered many misconceptions regarding the laws governing use of off-road vehicles such as trail bikes and ATVs. In order to clear up any confusion, I am writing to many of the community associations in our jurisdiction to outline what is and is not permissible.

First, off road vehicles may NOT be used on ANY public roadways, regardless of whether they are blacktopped or gravel roads. It is simply not permitted. The only exception is to cross a public road at a 90-degree angle. Also, off road vehicles must be properly insured and registered. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in fines and costs in excess of three hundred dollars.

Second, off road vehicles may NOT be driven on ANYONE ELSE'S private property without the express consent of the property owner. Power Lines and other rights of way are NOT public property. They remain privately owned with only the utility company being granted a right of way. Otherwise you are a TRESPASSER who can be punished by fines and costs in excess of four hundred dollars, and incarceration for up to ninety days.


With the fun of riding off road vehicles comes the responsibility to obey the law. So that there will be no misunderstandings, I am requesting that you make your members aware of the rules governing off road vehicles, as well as the consequences for violating them.

Alan B. Cooper  
Magisterial District Judge

Gypsy Moth Update

Spraying will take place anytime between now and June depending on conditions.  Watch the bulletin board for posting.

The Gypsy Moth Lifecycle & What You Can Do

September through April - Egg masses appear on external surface of trees, homes, woodpiles, etc.  During this time, they masses should be removed, and soaked in soapy water.

May & June - Caterpillars emerge from the egg masses depending on the duration of warm periods.
At this time, the application of Bt, Bacillus thuringiensis, spray can be done by air or ground.   Bt spraying normally provides foliage protection adequate to reduce tree stress and related mortality.  The caterpillars devour tree leaves and will ingest the Bt and its accompanying toxic protein. This will kill the caterpillars and disrupt the Gypsy Moth life cycle. The bacillus and protein are harmless to humans, pets and other vegetation.
Commercial products are available for application but might be toxic to other species.
Place burlap wrapping around tree trunks.  The caterpillars will hide under the wrap during the day and can be removed.

July - The larvae hatch into pupae, a stage that lasts about two weeks.
Remove any pupae and reduce their resting places.

August - brown adult male moths fly about and mate with white female moths.  
Egg masses are again deposited.

Source: Gypsy Moth Update, Pike County Conservation District, Spring 2006.

Spring Cleaning!

With the warmer weather here, lots of us will be outside cleaning up our yards, raking leaves and clearing debris left from winter. Please remember that it is the responsibility of the landowner to keep the culverts clear that are adjacent to your property. The WLLA Rules and Regulations (p. 6) state:

Responsibility for the watershed. WL Landowners (and tenants) are responsible for maintaining proper drainage from contiguous roads, and culverts contiguous to their property, as well as from their lawns and property. This includes avoiding the dumping of leaves, dirt, sand or other debris into the culverts and drainage ditches. Culverts adjacent to one's own property should be cleared on an "as needed" basis

 Upcoming Social Events  

Bazaar & Flea Market

The Bazaar and Flea Market date is tentatively set for Saturday, Aug.12th from 9-4 pm. Tables will be available for $5 each and donations are needed!
Our Holiday Bazaar was a success! More information will be coming in the next newsletter, but if you have any questions, please call Fran Orth at 570-296-5528.

Penny Social

The annual Penny Social will be held on Saturday, July 8th. The doors open at 6 pm and the calling starts at 8 pm. We are looking for donations of cakes as well as donations of items for the Penny Social. For more information, please contact Grace Hachtman at 296-6323 or Linda Dubowski at 296-7985.

Beach Party

Don't forget…save the date, Saturday, July 23rd from 4pm until dark!

Note from the Editor:
Suggestions and submissions for the newsletter are welcomed. The deadline for the May/June newsletter is May 25th. Email information to kkilmer@ptd.net or call 570-296-7823.