Vol. #89. September/October 2005


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of The Association for their solid support of the Walker Lake Community. A large number of our members have volunteered to help on various committees and other related functions.  It is this community spirit that will go a long way to help us tackle many challenges that remain ahead.  Paul and I also want to thank the past administration for all of their accomplishments. We hope to take advantage of this momentum in order to cultivate a spirit of teamwork, which is essential for our continued success.  We look forward to your continued support.

Richard H. Frantz, President

* * * * * * WARNING * * * * * * *
An anonymous caller reported that there were two men dressed in suits going door-to-door soliciting WLLA membership. Please be advised that is NOT done here in the Walker Lake Community. If you are approached by anyone doing this, try to get names and license plate numbers and state. If you open your door and are solicited, close it immediately and call the office at 296-7788 to report such activity.

* * * * * * * WARNING * * * * * * *



Saturday, October 22nd, 2005    
5:30PM - ?
Our Halloween Pot Luck supper is back by popular demand.  It will be held on Saturday, October 22nd at the Read Clubhouse. The doors will open at 5:30pm.  Costumes are optional. Prizes will be awarded for the most unique and creative costume and the funniest costume. Please call Dot Meyer at 296-7759 or the Association Office at 296-7788 and let us know how many in your family will be attending and what food you will bring. So, prepare your favorite dish, enough to share with 10 people, put on your costume and join us for a night of fun and laughter.
Bring your own libation.
Submitted by Linda Dubowski for The Walker Lake Women's Club


Saturday, November 5th, 2005   
9:00 am - 4:00 pm.
Tables are going FAST !!!!!  
Volunteers are still needed.
This will be a fun day to meet your neighbors and pick up a bargain or sell holiday or everyday items.  
Crafters are welcome.
You can also donate for the Bazaar.
There will be refreshments for all!
If you wish to purchase a table, donate or volunteer
please call 296-5528.
Fran Orth, Director & Organizer of Event


In an effort to eliminate any possible confusion over the 3-WAY STOP signs and YIELD sign at the intersection of Walker Lake Road and Maple Drive, you may recall that originally this was posted as a 4-WAY STOP intersection.  However, in response to residents' concern about difficulties in stopping at this intersection during icy conditions, a YIELD sign replaced the STOP sign coming up the hill.  Following a complaint by a concerned property owner at the September board meeting, the Executive Board and the Road Committee carefully reviewed the situation and with an open mind, reached an appropriate conclusion based on The Vehicle Code (Title 75) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues which reads as follows:
Duties at yield signs --The driver of a vehicle approaching a yield sign shall in obedience to the sign slow down to a speed reasonable for the existing conditions and, if required for safety to stop, shall stop before entering a crosswalk on the near side of the intersection or, if none, then at the point nearest the intersecting roadway where the driver has a view of approaching traffic on the intersecting roadway before entering. After slowing down or stopping, the driver shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle in the intersection or approaching on another roadway so closely as to constitute a hazard during the time the driver is moving across or within the intersection of roadways. If a driver is involved in a collision with a vehicle in the intersection or junction of roadways after driving past a yield sign, the collision shall be deemed prima facie evidence of failure of the driver to yield the right-of-way.
Please know that the Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association considers the safety of our residents very seriously.  It is with this in mind that we have also decided to install an additional YIELD sign at the intersection of Maple Drive and East Shore Drive.
Additionally, in the interest of our residents' safety, drivers should also adhere to the 25 MPH speed limit within our community.

Joe Ott, Chair Road Committee


The second draft of the revisions of the Rules and Regulations, Deed Covenants and Association By Laws have been typed and are ready to go to the Executive Committee for review as soon as enough copies have been made. Following this review, the entire package (including any changes made by the Executive Committee) will go to the Board of Directors for review, changes and final approval of the Rules and Regulations section.  According to the Pennsylvania Law governing non-profit community associations, the Rules and Regulations need approval only by the Board of Directors. The Deed Covenants, needless to say, do not require approval. They are the same as they were in the 1995 booklet. Once the Board of Directors has reviewed them, the By Laws will be submitted to the entire Association Membership for approval.
Hopefully we will have a final publication by the end of the year!

Mary Iverson, Chair Rules and Regulations Committee


In cleaning out the Conference Room, Dick Frantz and Paul Palladino happened upon several boxes of old computer paper, which is no longer compatible with our new system. In an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, they donated this paper to The Shohola Elementary School on September 12, 2005. The school was very happy to receive the paper and said the kindergarten classes would make good use of it.


Over the years, members of The Community donated books to The Club House Library. The system is simple: Borrow, Read and Return. Recently, The Ladies' Club made the donation of a new bookcase. Should anyone wish to donate neat and clean books of current interest, please be reminded that arrangements should be made for the storage and sorting of such items. Also, please remember our upcoming Bazaar and Flea Market. Donations of salable books are gratefully accepted.

Norma Palladino, Historian


Just a gentle reminder to benefit all our friends here at Walker Lake who enjoy using our tennis court facility. Like other facilities that we share here at the lake, such as the beaches and boat dock, so too, we must share the tennis court.  To help promote the sharing and usage of the court to run smoothly, the rule was established that players could play on the court for one hour at a time - and then relinquish it to other players.  If no one else was waiting to play - only then could players continue to play beyond their one-hour sign up. We are sure that if everyone will continue to show each other common court courtesy, then all players will work together and continue to enjoy our tennis court facility - as is our desire here at Walker Lake.
Thank you all for extending this courtesy to one another by following the established rule to only use the court one hour at a time if others are waiting. Remember - the ball is in your court. Play it wisely!


In the Walker Lake Community removal of carcasses of any kind is up to the individual property owner. As a community, we do not have a maintenance department to deal with this problem. One can pull the carcass off the road in front of your property or roadside and cover it with lye to help in the decomposition of the body. Other wild life scavengers also help by ingesting the carcass.

Pike County residents can assist state officials in the removal of deer and bear carcasses by calling The Game Commission at 570-674-5065. They will pick up only on Route 2001, I-84, and State Routes #6, #390, #402, #507, #739 and #191. PennDOT also patrols these roads, however, they will only pick up deer. Their phone numbers are 570-296-7193 and 1-800-635-3953. Do not call any of these numbers for any other road kill or for pick up in the Walker Community.

Norma Palladino, Historian


WLLA members present at the July 2005 General Meeting unanimously approved aerial spraying for the suppression of Gypsy Moths. We have submitted an application to the Pike County Conservation District, coordinators of this activity, for when and if the State of Pennsylvania approves the program. We are not sure that our application will be accepted. The Board intends to investigate the spraying protection with or without government assistance.  This may involve hiring of a private contractor. We are not sure of the expense, which may incur a special assessment of $20 to $50 per property owner. If we are accepted for the program, the application of Bt, Bacillus thuringiensis spray, will be done by air in early Spring of 2006.  Bt spraying normally provides foliage protection adequate to reduce tree stress and related mortality.  The caterpillars devour oak tree leaves and will ingest the Bt and its accompanying toxic protein. This will kill the caterpillars and disrupt the Gypsy Moth life cycle. The bacillus and protein are harmless to humans, pets and other vegetation. The web has excellent information concerning this problem.
Submitted by Ralph Cioppa
Ralph Cioppa will be the coordinator between WLLA, and other agencies, such as The Pike County Conservation District, Shohola Township, and others concerned with the Gypsy Moth problem.  Any questions or suggestions may be addressed to Ralph via the WLLA office.


A drop off box has recently been installed on the Office door as a recently added convenience should you wish to drop off any papers when the office is not open.  Just use the slot on the door to do so.

Residents of the Walker Lake Community should update the information on their WLLA Data Sheet, when and if necessary. Should the Office need to contact property owners, or their families (i.e., in case of an emergency) it is imperative that current information be on file.

The office staff, Tina or Jo-Ann, is happy to help property owners with all of their questions and concerns. However, The Association regrets that equipment including telephones, fax machines, computers and photocopy machines are NOT available for the use of the general membership.

Members of The Association may use the Clubhouse for special occasions such a birthday parties, family events, wedding and baby showers or other gatherings. There are requirements expected of those renting the space and a deposit is necessary. To make arrangements, please contact Jo-Ann or Tina at the office.

Many newcomers to the community have asked, "Who is Carl Read and why is the Clubhouse named after him?" Carl Read came to Walker Lake from New Jersey in 1958. Soon thereafter he bought two lots from a man named Ed Hinkel. Mr. Hinkel was the prime developer of the land around Walker Lake. Carl and his wife, Ruth, soon built a home at the North end of the lake. In Succasunna, New Jersey, Carl was a Sunday School superintendent. Carl and Ruth were strong believers in giving public service. He joined the Walker Lake Fire Department. After a while, he was elected Chief of the Fire Department. He saw the merger of the Walker Lake Fire Department with the Shohola Fire Department. Carl and Ruth were kept very busy with firehouse events and activities, and also, with the many doings at Walker Lake. They saw not only the development of the lake community, but also the beginnings of the Association. For many years Carl served as President of the WLLA. The old clubhouse, a humble building, was torn down around 1964. Materials that could be salvaged were used in the construction of the new clubhouse. Another building, housing the office and the Conference Room, was built more recently. The Conference room is used for Board conferences and Committee meetings. Carl Read's fatherly attitude towards the people of Walker Lake encouraged orderly growth, peaceful co-existence and camaraderie.
Thank you, Carl.

Norma Palladino, Historian.