Vol. #88 July - August 2005


The Second General Membership Meeting of 2005 was held Sunday, July 10, 2005, 2:00pm at The Read Clubhouse. Results of the Elections are as follows: Our new President is Richard “Dick’ Frantz. Our new Vice President is Paul Palladino. The Directors of the Board elected for this term are as follows (alphabetically):  Pegge Dodge, Kathy Klemer, Fran Orth, Linda Verge & Ed Zimmermann. The Officers and Directors take office September 2005. Congratulations to all.  At this meeting, Linda Cioppa resigned as Board Treasurer and Ralph Cioppa resigned as Board Secretary and Lake Committee Chairperson, effective September 2005. We thank them for their contribution of time and effort to WLLA.

General Membership Meeting

September 11, 2005, Sunday 2:00 pm

Our next General Meeting, the LAST one for 2005, will be held Sunday, September 11, 2005 at 2:00 p.m. It will be an excellent time to meet or new President, Vice President and members of the Board of Directors. Also, it will be the perfect time to sign up to be on the committees of your choice. It is extremely vital that all members attend this meeting so that all voices and opinions can be heard. Again, important issues will be discussed that will affect all four areas of The Walker Lake Community, including Walker Lake, Inc., Pennsylvania Lakeshores, Hinkel Estates and Maple Park. This will be the last General Meeting of 2005, however, all members are invited to attend the Board of Directors meetings each month. The Budget and Finance, Beach and Grounds, Crime Watch, Insurance, Lake, Legal, Roads, Clubhouse, Rules and Regulations & Long Range Planning, Social and Special Events Committees Chairpersons will present their reports. Again, to those who have not paid their membership fees, now is the time to pay and become members. We want and need ALL who live within The Walker Lake Community to voice their concerns. Dues, Assessments and Membership Fees must be paid up to date to be able to have a vote on any issues put forth by the Board, as well as to have a voice to ask questions, to express opinions and to join committees. For those who have not joined the Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association, now would be an excellent time to do so.


August 20th, 2005    5:00 pm -7:00 pm

As we continue through the seasons, it is time for our Summertime Pot Luck Dinner. Come and enjoy a beautiful view from the Read Clubhouse of our glorious lake as the sun sets and casts colors galore in the sky and water. Join in delightful conversation with your neighbors and share in some of the most scrumptious food you will ever taste. We look forward to what each cook or baker bring to the table with great anticipation. All are asked to bring an appetizer, entree or dessert large enough to feed 10 people. Bring your own beverage of choice. Please RSVP at 296-7788 and leave word as to what you wish to contribute and how many people will be in your party.


We have a variety of committees that you are invited to join. One can be on as many committees as time and inclination allows. Whatever your interests, talents, professions - all are welcome and encouraged to contribute. We want to include as many people as possible so we can have diverse thoughts and suggestions to help govern our community. Present committees include Beach and Grounds, Clubhouse, Crime Watch, Finance, Historical, Insurance, Lake, Legal, Newsletter, Roads, Rules and Regulations, Social Events, Special Events. More committees will be added as necessary due to the rapid growth of our community. We need members from all four sections of Walker Lake Landowners Association for their input so that correct and fair decisions can be made for the good of all residing here.  The September 11, 2005 General Meeting will be the perfect opportunity to ask questions about committee membership and sign up to participate. Committees must consist of a minimum of 3 members, one of which is a Director of the Board according to our Rules and Regulations.


Recent changes to Act 180 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Communities Act has made it illegal for us to require a road bond for construction/alteration projects within our community. However, it is important that you realize that due to this change, our only recourse is to hold the property owner totally liable for damage done to our privately maintained roads. Should damage occur during the course of your construction project, a lien will be placed on your property to cover the cost of repairs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns regarding the privately maintained roads within the Pennsylvania Lakeshores section of Walker Lake.  I can be reached on 570-296-2915.

Joe Ott, Road Committee Chairman


Our more-than-ever-popular Annual Penny Social was held on

Saturday, July 9, 2005.  The doors opened at 6PM and the calling started at 8 PM.  There were 90 people in attendance, the highest in history of this event. Geri Hoernes and Jillian Reader won door prizes.  Christine Elvin won the 50-50 of $127.00. The entire occasion raised $734.00.  Grace Hachtman did a fantastic job of chairing this event and we offer her our grateful thanks for her dedication. Grace´s family, The Shaffers, also deserve a big Thank You from The Walker Lake Community for all of their help, not only for the night of, but for all the behind the scenes effort and year round collection of items.  At the evening´s end, baked goods, donated by community members, and beverages were served. Grace would like to thank everyone who donated prizes & baked goods, helped in setting up the night before and worked the night of the Penny Social. Thank you to all that attended and supported the Walker Lake Penny Social and made it such a huge success.  We look forward to next year´s Penny Social and all the fun and fellowship with our neighbors!


Saturday, November 5th, 2005  9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

We would appreciate donations of items in good condition that we can sell. Also, you can purchase a table for $10.00. This is a fine time for selling Holiday gifts, decorations, etc.  It´s may seem early to think about the Winter Holidays, however, November is only a little over three months away. This will be an excellent opportunity to clean out your unwanted treasures. Free refreshments will be available. It will be a great time to meet and greet your neighbors. We need volunteers to tend the Bazaar tables, serve refreshments, sell 50-50 tickets, etc. If you wish to help, donate or purchase a table please call 296-5528.

Fran Orth, Member of the Board of Directors  & Organizer of Event


We had ANOTHER glorious and blessed day for our FUN filled afternoon on our beautiful Clubhouse Beach. The weather was MAGNIFICIENT, sunny and comfortable.  Our Beach Crew, Charlie Kieselmann, Gwen Kieselmann, Don Wall and his staff, raked and cleaned up the grass and grounds. Our Karaoke team Wayne and MaryAnn Duvoicin gave us a background of lively tunes to add to the gaiety of the day.  Our Game Master, John Schwenkler, his son, Patrick and Michele Kener added to the laughter of the day with the Greased-Greased-Greased Watermelon fight in our warm lake waters. The Raw Egg Toss game was lively and filled with sad and happy faces, and "wet hands". The Sponge-Fill-The-Bucket Relay Race brought out many cheers from the 176 attendees sitting on the grassy sections of our beach. Our Grill Masters Bernie Di Maio, Art Politano, John Monahan, Jay Warshofsky and John Innaco enjoyed their jobs at the 5 grills we had cooking. We had burgers and hot dogs, plus veggie burgers & water (donated by Pegge & Jim Dodge), trays of Pasta Salad (donated by Pat Innaco), green salad (donated by Sue Stanley & Theresa Amelio), sausage & peppers (donated by MaryAnn Duvoicin), potato chips (donated by the Marshall family), baked beans and sauerkraut (donated by the Kener family). My Kitchen Ladies, Barb Silver, Gwen Kieselmann, Irene Monahan, Sue Stanley and Theresa Amelio got all the goodies and coffee ready to go. THEN, we had our own watermelon slices (donated and served by the Wulfhorst family) and WOW -- our Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundaes  (donated by John & Cheryl Keator).  At one point I tried to call someone over to help me, but they said, “Please wait, I don´t want to lose my place on the Ice Cream line’!  My Checker-In'rs with the nametags were Don & Helen Duthie, Woody & Jan Goldberg, Jack & Lois Rauch. They marked the attendees down and the count was 176 HAPPY Walker Lake members and their families. My Flyer Putter Uppers, Bernie Di Maio, Jeff Seeds, Irene Monahan, John Innaco, posted 150 notices all around the community!!  Our electricity for the Karaoke came from our generous neighbors, the Stern's. Our strong arms and willing backs, the Mitchell family, the Kener family and others started the day by helping to set up everything. And, last by not least, the Food shoppers, Paul and Norma Palladino and Barb Di Maio ...what fun pushing the big carts.  MY HEARTFELT THANKS GO OUT TO ALL THE WILLING HANDS WHO MADE THIS A WONDERFUL DAY FOR OUR WONDERFUL WALKER LAKE. LOVE YOU ALL!

Barb Di Maio, Chair Special Events