Vol. #85 May 2005 Newsletter

Calling all Walker Lake Landowners Association Members & Non Members

The first General Membership Meeting of 2005 will be held Sunday, May 15, 2005,  2:00pm at The Clubhouse. It is extremely vital that ALL members attend this very important meeting so all voices and opinions can be heard. Some important issues will be discussed that will affect all four areas of The Walker Lake Community, including Walker Lake, Inc., Pennsylvania Lakeshores, Hinkel Estates and Maple Park.

Issues such as Full Time Security, Lake and Dam Management, Inclusion of the Proposed New Development on the other side of Twin Lakes Road as Members of The Walker Lake Community, Budget and Finances, Beach and Grounds, Roads, Clubhouse Repair and Renovations and Nominations for upcoming elections, are among some of the issues to be discussed.

Members of the Shohola Township Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Shohola Emergency Management, Representatives of Shohola Township, and PCCD have been invited to attend and address questions that Association Members have on different matters as well as to dispel some of the misinformation that has been disseminated by rumor and innuendo.

To those who have not paid their Membership fees, NOW is the time to pay so all Members of The Walker Lake Community can voice their concerns. REMEMBER…YOU MUST PAY THE MEMBERSHIP FEE OF $65.00 ANNUALLY TO BE ABLE TO HAVE A VOTE ON ANY ISSUES PUT FORTH AND A VOICE TO ASK QUESTIONS AND EXPRESS OPINIONS!!!


(Walker Lake, Inc., Pennsylvania Lakeshores, Hinkel Estates, And Maple Park)

Under Act 180 of the Pennsylvania Planned Communities Act, ALL property owners in the process of selling property in The Walker Lake Community are REQUIRED to purchase a Resale Certificate Package when selling their property. The Fee for the Resale Certificate Package is $150.00 to be paid by the Seller.

The Resale Certificate Package contains:

1.      The Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association Rules and Regulations and By-Laws.

2.    Current Association Financial Reports.

3.    Information on the Status of Your Assessment Account.

4.    A Schedule of Membership Dues, Lake Assessments, Road Assessments and Other Fees.

5.    A Statement on Any Legal Lawsuits Pending Against The Association (if applicable).

6.    Various Relevant Information Regarding The Walker Lake Community.

7.    A New Property Owner Registration Form.

Please keep in mind that this Package must be applied for by the Property Owner Selling the property and MUST be furnished to the Buyer (New Owner) at least 10 Days prior to the Transfer of the Deed.

When a Property Owner applies for this Package, they will be Required to sign a Release Form so that Confidential Information regarding the Status of their Assessment Account can be included in said Package.

Pennsylvania Lakeshores Property Owners are responsible for Lake and Road Assessments with optional Membership Fees. Maple Park Owners are responsible for Lake Assessments with optional Membership Fees.  Hinkel Estates and Walker Lake, Inc. Owners are responsible for Lake Assessments and Membership Fees. East Shore Drive Owners are responsible for Lake and Road Assessments and Mandatory Membership Fees.  All owners in all subdivisions have rights to use the Lake provided all of their Annual Assessment fees are paid. Maple Park and Hinkel Estates also collect their own fees for Roads. Maple Park collects their own fees for Beaches.

Membership entitles owners to Voting Rights, serve on Committees, participation in all Walker Lake sponsored Activities, such as Potluck Dinners, The Annual Beach Party, The Women´s Club or any other activities and private use of The Clubhouse.

New Owners are responsible for Past Due Balances from the Previous Owner during the Settlement Process.

When a Builder owns the land, he is responsible for the above charges and should advise a Purchaser of these charges upon the Sale of a Property by way of a WLLA Resale Package.


The Walker Lake Women´s Club will hold a Flea Market to benefit the Shohola Fire and Rescue Squad on Saturday, May 28th at 10 am, to be held at the Shohola Fire House in Walker Lake on Maple Drive. Come join us, there is something for everyone. Lunch will be available. Or you can sell your treasures, rent a table for $10. For information call The WLLA  Office 570-296-7788 or Dot Meyer 570-296-7759.