Vol. #85 March/April 2005 Newsletter

Landlords, Families & Friends Who Share Houses and Land Within

The Walker Lake Community

Due to the many recent changes within the Rule and Regulations for the Walker Lake Community, please be sure that all who rent, use or share your property are kept informed and up to date on such changes. It is suggested that copies of “Echoes of Our Lake’, as well as a copy of The Rules & Regulations be provided and/or kept in such a place so that all who reside full-time or part-time be aware of changes such as the ATV Ban, Road Bond, a The Cautionary Notice of Non-Use of the Lake and any other Rules and Regulations.  It is extremely important that all within our community be aware of such notices not only for emergency and safety reasons but also so that fines are not levied against those who own, rent or share property that unknowingly violate these rules & regulations.

It is imperative a rental agreement be completed by both the property owner and the renter. These forms may be obtained at the Walker Lake office. Renters will not be issued beach badges, etc unless they are registered at the office. It is the property owners´ responsibility to advise said renters, users or sharers of any changes through out the year that occur within The Walker Lake Community. Ultimately, it is the owners´ responsibility of what happens on their property.

Walker Lake Youth Group

We need the youths and their parents of our Community to suggest activities that will be enjoyable to them.  Also needed are adult volunteers to help coordinate these events for the various age groups. Summer is just around the corner and it would be wonderful to have the program in place by then. Anyone interested in participating please contact Jo-Ann Gilliland or Linda Ott at 296-7788.


The amount of money donated to WLLA from The 2004 Art Harvest Silent Auction was $76.75.  Please accept my apology for the omission.


There is a serious problem of dogs being allowed to run at large. There are reports of loose dogs threatening people and other dogs that are on their own property and on Community property. The Pike County Humane Society advises that they are getting many calls concerning dogs at large in our Community. These calls are referred to the Pike County Dog Warden, Wayne Mc Que. He can be reached at 570-685-2495 or at the main office 570-836-2495.  According to Walker Lakeshore Landowners Association Rules & Regulations “It is unlawful to allow your dog to run at large. All dogs must be under control. Owners are responsible for all damages caused by their dogs.’ We also have a pooper scooper law. “Owners must remove droppings which occur when pets are being walked’ (page 23).  PA State Law reads the same and fines will be imposed on dogs allowed to run loose.


All Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association Members In Good Standing are encouraged to attend the Board of Directors Meetings, Lake Committee Meetings, Road Committee Meetings, Beach and Ground Committee Meetings and Finance Committee Meetings, as well as the General Meetings.  Your attendance helps the Board manage our Community in the most expeditious manner as possible. Your input is vital and necessary so that your suggestions, both current and long range, can be addressed. Members are urged to join Committees and consider nomination to The Board of Directors. The responsibility of governing should be important to all who live within our Community.

Membership entitles you to ONE vote per household in all decisions put forth by the Board to the Community. The more informed we are, the more proper decisions can be made concerning what is necessary for the good of our lake, roads, rules and regulations and finances, in essence, for the good of all us.

Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association Non-Members are encouraged to join The Association so that voices can be heard from all four sections of Walker Lakeshores Landowner´s Association. Please take the time to become involved and have your voices heard. Don´t complain about what is happening if you don´t express your opinions at Board Meeting and General Meetings.

Besides being able to have a voice in governing our beautiful Walker Lake Community, membership also entitles all Walker Lakeshore Landowners to participate in the activities that are presented for the Community. These include, but are not limited to The Women´s Club activities, such as the Potluck Dinners, Crafts, Quilting and other gatherings, the enjoyable Annual Beach Party, The Youth Fishing Derby, The Always Fun Penny Social, The Wonderful Annual Art Harvest and Bazaars. Suggestions for other activities are always welcome. We would like to re-start a Youth Group so that our youth can have enjoyable and constructive activities to partake of. More privileges include badges and passes to lake accesses at WLLA improved beaches, picnic areas and watercraft docking areas.  Crime Watch is yet another vital part of our community that not only aids as a deterrent to crime but is also a wonderful way to observe the beauty of our Community. Another benefit is the rental of the Clubhouse for personal gatherings (per regulations on file in the WLLA  Office).  All of the above, is included in the membership fee of only $65. Where else can one find so much to do year round for so little money? If you are not already a member please consider joining Walker Lakeshores Landowner´s Association. You will be glad that you did! A calendar of events for the year 2005 is included within this newsletter to pull out and post in a convenient spot for further reference.

Lake Committee Report   (Submitted by Jim Dodge, Acting Lake Committee Chair)

In conversations with the PA DEP regarding our permit application for work to be done to correct some of our sediment runoff, it was pointed out that there were problems with the permit submitted and improper classification of some of the work proposed, as well as assessment of the feasibility of some of the planned projects. It was decided to rescind the permit application and have the application fee returned, which it was. In conversations with Peter Wulfhorst, who was applying for a Growing Greener Grant to help defray the cost of sediment control, it was decided to hold off for another year so that the Twin and Walker Creek Watershed Conservancy could coordinate with all involved Walker Lake Committees, (Road, Lake, Beach and Grounds), Shohola Township, PCCD and PENNDOT to come up with a comprehensive and workable plan to address the sediment runoff problems throughout our Community. On February 4, 2005 all work on the lakeshore maintenance ceased and warning notices concerning safety issues were mailed to all WLLA property owners and posted around the lake. On February 5, 2005 the outlet valve at the dam was closed with the help of Ed Zimmerman, Don Wall and Neila Wall.  After cleaning debris from the newly installed inlet grate, the valve was closed ¼ into the water flow of the pipe for about 3 hours.  The valve was then closed to an estimated 50% into the water flow.  According to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the drawdown permit authority, this gradual closing is done to protect the wildlife and fish downstream that would not survive if we were to close the valve completely.  The lake is now filling, and the valve will remain partially open until the water level of the lake reaches the top of the dam and begins to spill over the dam spillway.  This will take some weeks to accomplish.  The Shohola Fire Department will aid in making sure the dry well pipes that are currently exposed will be submerged and not float on top of the rising ice.  There are pictures on the web site that show the valve closing process and the rising water in the lake. On February 17, 2005, John Cummings, PA Fish and Boat Commission law enforcement officer, was present to examine the water flow from the outlet pipe and to determine if we needed to adjust the valve height.  As the water flow was more than adequate to protect macro-invertebrates and fish life downstream, the valve was closed approximately another ¼ into the water flow.  This will allow the water level in the lake to rise faster.  On February 19, inspection of the outlet flow determined that downstream water flow was adequate.