As you may know, we have to replace the outlet trash screen, videotape the interior of the outlet pipe and refinish the surface of the weir damaged by vandals.  This work is mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Because of this, the Lake Committee applied for a draw down permit from the State and permission for the draw down from the Association. Both were obtained. We know that this procedure always causes some problems and concerns but we are mandated to complete the work on the dam began last year.  In addition, we will be able to remove aquatic plants including algae, flush out excessive nutrients, and allow members to make repairs on and clean the lakeshore. We have had no response from the Army Corps of Engineers concerning silt removal so at this time all shoreline work must be done manually. The removal of the water of Walker Lake will begin on September 6, 2004.  The lake will be allowed to refill on March 31, 2005. Please take appropriate steps to remove docks and floats early this season. Fishing will not be permitted during the draw down and until the lake has refilled.

Thank you.  The Lake Committee



Item # 1

Shohola Township has recently issued a new House Number & Road Signage Ordinance which requires property owners to prominently display their “911” house number.  This will ensure that emergency vehicles are able to respond in a timely fashion to fire, police & medical emergencies.  Copies of this ordinance are on file at the WLLA Office, as well as the Shohola Township Office building.  This ordinance requires that all property owners prominently display their “911” house number so that it is visible from the road house numbers must be at least 4” in height.  Over the next several months, WLLA will be replacing road signs to comply with this ordinance.

Item #2

On Monday, June 28th the Shohola Fire Dept. responded to a house fire on Maple Drive in Walker Lake. The WLLA Office was asked to provide telephone numbers so that the FD could notify the property owner of the fire.  Our office did not have a reach number at the primary residence of the property owner, making it impossible to contact them in a timely fashion. When the enhanced “911” system went into effect several years ago, all homeowners were issued numbered street addresses.  We still have some property owners who are using RR #s and PO Box #s for their mailing address.  Please notify the WLLA office of your accurate mailing address. If you are not sure of your “911” mailing address, please contact the Pike County Communication Center on 570 296-3465 to obtain this information. If you have not already done so, we are asking all property owners to update this information by calling the office on 570 296-7788, or sending it via e-mail to Thank you for your cooperation.

*** Please keep us informed of your current reach numbers and current address information so that we can properly respond to emergency situations ***



The Association is in need of a 4-drawer filing cabinet to house it’s historical files and a bookcase for it’s ever-expanding library of donated books. Should you wish to donate these items, please contact the Association office at 296-7788.



The Annual Walker Lake Penny Social was held on July 10. There were approximately 60 people in attendance.  Profit from the penny tables, chances, 50/50 raffle and soda sales was $583.00. The door prizes were won by Joe Malzahn and Jane McGurty.  The 50/50 raffle $75.50 was won by Marcus Kener. I would like to thank everyone who donated items, helped with set up and clean up, baked cakes, called and ran prizes, sold chances and worked in the kitchen for making the evening a success! Grace Hachtman



Due to lack of interest and no response to my article in the last newsletter the bazaar is cancelled. Thanks, Fran Orth



The mesh bin located outside the firehouse on Maple Drive is for the collection of aluminum cans only.  It is illegal to dump garbage and violators may be prosecuted.  The fire department is in the business of fighting fires and providing emergency medical services, NOT getting rid of someone's garbage. Anyone with information about the person(s) dumping their garbage bags alongside the aluminum can bin please call 296-4436.   If possible, get a license plate number, make and color of vehicle. Thank you, Shohola Volunteer Fire and Rescue



The Mayses wish to thank all the residents who responded with phone calls of concern regarding their missing cat.



As I mentioned in my previous report, the Conservancy is the recipient of a grant from the Canaan Valley Institute to conduct on-lot septic system education for the residents of the watershed.  Over residents of the watershed recently attended a Septic System Seminar conducted by Bruce Fox at the Shohola Township Building.  Another facet of the Canaan Valley Institute grant is a septic system/oil tank questionnaire that was mailed to all residents of the watershed in early August.  We hope you filled out the questionnaire and mailed it to the Conservancy.  The questionnaire will assist the Conservancy in ascertaining the potential impact of development, specifically on-lot septic systems/oil tanks on the water quality of our watershed.  The results are strictly for informational purposes but should also serve to increase owner awareness and lessen future problems.  If you didn’t receive a copy of the questionnaire, please feel free to contact me. We have also distributed another educational component of the Canaan Valley Institute grant - a Septic System Fact Sheet as well as a Homeowner’s Septic System Checklist.   If you would like additional copies of Fact Sheet or Checklist, please feel free to contact the Conservancy or you can access them at our website at We will be having our next public meeting on Saturday, November 13 at 2 pm at the Walker Lake clubhouse.  The meeting will be on “Conservation of Open Space” and the presenter will be Peter Pinchot, grandson of Gifford Pinchot.  Peter will present information on the increasing population growth in Pike County and what effects it is having on the area’s water quality, wildlife, natural landscapes and rural towns and how adopting innovative planning strategies we can protect our quality of life.  We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. If you care about the water quality of Walker Lake and want to ensure that Walker Lake remains healthy and pleasant, then we need you to become a member of the Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy.  Your membership support will assist the Conservancy in continuing to monitor the water quality of Walker Lake as well as protect the property values of our community.  To become a member, contact me at 570-296-2244 or visit our website at  Memberships begin at $5.00 for senior and student and go up to $50 for corporate/business.  Family memberships are $15 for family.  There is additional information about the Conservancy on our website thanks to Jeff Seeds.  All membership contributions are tax deductible.  Please join us and visit our website.

Peter Wulfhorst



Condolences to John Gulla and family on the loss of John’s mother, Dorothy Gulla.



The weather cleared and the ground was dry! Our volunteers were the busiest of bees preparing the area for our community members.  Our food shoppers Norma & Paul Palladino and Barb Di Maio were at Cosco's when it opened and filled their shopping carts to overflowing. Bernie Di Maio, Phyllis and Victor Valente were at the Clubhouse to help unload the good foodstuffs on Friday. At 1 pm Saturday, Rich Tritschler and crew connected the extension cord to Josh & Risa Stern's house for power for Wayne & Mary Anne Duvoisin's Karaoke machine. Charlie Kieselmann, Chet Dawson, Bill Bekisz, Bernie Di Maio, and Victor Valente set up their barbecues. Tables appeared in neat rows for our hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, veggie burgers, baked beans, cole slaw, potato chips, sauerkraut and condiments. Charlie Kieselmann had two extra Coleman stoves for the sauerkraut and beans. Another special table was set up for John & Cheryl Keator, who created magic Ice Cream sundaes and Peter & Kelly Wulfhorst's juicy watermelon slices. Our kitchen butterflies were Barbara Silver, Gwen Kieselmann, Kathy Barabas, Dotty Meyer, Theresa Amelio, Susan Stanley and

Jan Bekisz. The Zimmermann family did their special water balloons for our funny games.  David, Michele (our Egg Toss lady) and Marcus Kener moved more "stuff" onto the beach area.  Marcus was my "Special Man" with the extra running around he did for me. Our John Schwenkler and son Patrick were our Games Masters for the "Raw" Egg toss games and Water Balloon catch. The perfect egg catch was on top of a lovely

little brown-haired young lady! Our Karaoke singers gave us great entertainment and the music added such a special touch to the day!! Before the games started, the beach area was filled with sun worshippers munching away at the good food and enjoying their neighbors’ company. John Monahan drove around our community and tacked up all our flyers before leaving on a vacation trip.  Our "check-in name-taggers" were Jo Ann Gilliand, Rae Calamis, Don & Helen Duthie, Norma & Paul Palladino, sitting at their blue table. Allyson Wulfhorst picked up all the rocks used to steady the tables, and reset the stone walls on the beach tiers. Thank you sweetie! Thanks to Lisa Palladino, who helped on the games and setting up all the tables and to Pat Dawson who helped with the food (her strong arms carrying tables down the hill). My extra thanks goes to all our neighbors who removed our flyers from the telephone poles. We had 152 happy attendees on the beach and grounds from 3:30 until 8-ish. The Frantz and Schechter families donated two extra barbecues. More of our donators were the Marshalls, Calamis, Keators, Wulfhorsts, Valentes, Iannacos, Hennessys, Buhlers, Bigs, Tritschlers, Silvers, Dodges. My heartfelt THANK YOU to our volunteers who made everything so easy by being there and always asking, "What else can I do?"   Hope I


did not forget anyone. Walker Lake, we will do it again. "MARK" your calendars for Sat., July 23rd, 2005!!   I HAD A MARVELOUS DAY! Barb Di Maio, Special Events



The Walker Lake Board of Directors is preparing a schedule of fines for infractions of all Rules & Regulations including improper speed of ATV's and Dirt Bikes. A complaint form that states the infraction and fine has been prepared for use in enforcement.



Read Clubhouse; Sat. Oct. 2; 5:30 p.m.

DJ: Wayne Duvoison. Call Dottie Meyer: 296-7759 or Linda Ott: 296-7788 regarding how many folks will attend and what you can bring (10 people). All are welcome!


NEXT NEWSLETTER: Deadline for the November/December newsletter is October 24th. E-mail information to or call 296-2134.







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