Roads to be oiled and stoned from 6/28 to 7/1: Iroquois Rd., Cahoonzie Rd.; Algonquin Rd.; East Shore Rd.

Roads to be asphalted from 7/26 to 7/30: Birch Rd.; Maple Rd.; Walker Lake Rd.; Lake Shore Rd.; White Spruce Rd. All other roads will receive stone and grading throughout the summer season. Please be advised that all dates are subject to change due to prevailing weather conditions. --Joe Ott, Road Chairman

                                                                                                                                                                                     Penny Social:

July 10 at clubhouse. Cake bakers needed. Doors open at 6 p.m.; call at 8:00. Call Dottie Meyers 296-7759


Fire Dept:

The dedication ceremony and grand opening to the new Walker Lake Fire House, named STVFR Station 2 and our new truck is on August 21st at @ 1-4. Free refreshments will be offered. All are invited to attend. It should be a family day--bring the kids, big and small. Tours on the trucks are for kids & adults.


Walker Lake Bazaar:

August 28th from 9-3pm at the clubhouse. Donations of good saleable items are needed. This is a good time to clean out your treasures so we can clean up and make our bazaar a success! Hopefully we will have something for everyone but HELP is needed for the day of the sale and before. There will be a bake sale--cakes, cookies, etc. are needed and also food donations for our kitchen. We’ll be serving coffee and pastries for breakfast and a light lunch for a light price! A 50-50 drawing at 3pm.

More info: call Fran Orth 296-5528. Thank you for your support.


Consignment shop:

“Imagine That Or Whatever,” the Milford consignment shop across from Apple Valley, has a sale every day. Come by and see what we’re "sale-ing" today 570-409-8178. Thanks  -- Dixie Rich & Audrey Lanham


Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy Report, July 2004:

The Conservancy is the recipient of a grant from the Canaan Valley Institute to conduct a 2-pronged approach to educating the residents of the watershed about septic systems.  The Conservancy is developing a septic system fact sheet and maintenance checklist to educate homeowners in Walker Lake on their septic systems.  We will also be presenting a Septic System Seminar on Saturday, July 24 at the Shohola Township Building on Twin Lakes Road from 9 – 11 am.  Bruce Fox will be the presenter at the seminar, which is a repeat of a seminar last summer. Please make plans now to attend the seminar if you didn’t attend last year.  Also, the Conservancy will be conducting an inventory of septic systems in the watershed, including a homeowner questionnaire on the current condition of their septic system. 

The Conservancy has also been notified that we are the recipient of a Stream Signage Grant from the Pennsylvania Organizations for Watersheds & Rivers.  This grant will install stream signs for Twin Lakes Creek and Walker Lake Creek on Twin Lakes Road.  This is another effort by the Conservancy to educate the residents and visitors to the watershed of the names and locations of the streams within the watershed.  The signs will be installed by Shohola Township in July or August.

The Conservancy will be continuing our water quality monitoring in 2004 of Little Twin Lake, Big Twin Lake and Walker Lake.  The parameters that will be tested are chlorophyll A, total phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, temperature and clarity.

If you care about the water quality of Walker Lake and want to ensure that Walker Lake remains healthy and pleasant, then we need you to become a member of the Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy.  Your membership support will assist the Conservancy in continuing to monitor the water quality of Walker Lake as well as protect the property values of our community.  To become a member, contact me at 570-296-2244 or visit our website at  Memberships begin at $5.00 for senior and student and go up to $50 for corporate/business.  Family memberships are $15 for family.  There is additional information about the Conservancy on our website thanks to Jeff Seeds.  All membership contributions are tax deductible.  Please join us and visit our website. -- Peter Wulfhorst


Annual Beach Party:

Saturday, July 24th, 4-9 Pm at Clubhouse Beach. Calling all our Association members to a complimentary fun, food and game day—a “getting to know you” afternoon. One comment from last year’s affair: "I saw more people on that day than in all the years I’ve lived here"! We had over 150 people attending. Had a blast with egg toss contest and water balloons. Our karoke music was magnificent. “Make your own ice cream sundaes” were a delight. I will need our Barbecue Chefs again, and of course, our Game Master. Our water balloon family has agreed to donate their abilities again.  Please call with your rsvp: 296-7730. We’ll accept any donations. Barb DiMaio Special Events


Beach Badges, ATV, Car and Boat Stickers:

New Beach Badges and “04" stickers will be required as of 7/1.  Pick up at office.


History of Walker Lake:

Just a little background on our beautiful Clubhouse Beach: In 1956 our lake was created from a "marsh", with the help of many underground streams--by the hands of many men and women who came here on weekends to relax.  The children of these families built the tiers and lovingly planted the trees; they laid the stones that form the recreational area of this beach. Today the beach grounds and floats are all taken care of by volunteers. The steps were lovingly put in place by a gentleman who also came on weekends. The tennis court was installed by weekenders and some outside assistance. Everything around the Clubhouse is carefully attended to by weekenders who volunteer their "weekend" time for the "good" of the community.” Our boat docking area is also kept up by a crew of weekenders. Our Board of Directors, are all volunteers; many work full time jobs and give up their weekends for the good of the community. This is our "happy" place and "our" joy is "your" joy. We ask our community members to keep their property "a happy place" so we all can enjoy the surrounding beauty we have inherited by being owners here in Walker Lake. Barb  Di Maio Special Events Chairperson


NEXT NEWSLETTER: Deadline for the September/October newsletter is August 22nd.  E-mail information to or call 296-2134.









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