House numbers:

While on the Welcome Committee for Walker Lake Landowners Association, I found it difficult to deliver the Welcome Baskets to the newer Members of our Community throughout Walker Lake because of the inconsistency of old & new numbers, as well as the lack of house identification. In doing so, I realized, not only I, but also the Emergency Services would find it extremely hard to locate addresses when they were needed, as some folks do not have any identification, others have their house numbers on their houses, not visible from their driveways and some have old numbers prior to the installation of the 911 emergency system. Shohola (along with all of Pike County) has "new" 911 addresses that negate the old house numbers. The Shohola Recreation Department and Shohola Supervisors' Office have application forms for nicely made, uniform wooden signs that are visible at night as well as in daytime. (The proceeds for the signs go to the development of The Rohman Recreational Park located on Twin Lakes Road just before Route #434. To date, this area has been cleared, seeded and the backstop for the baseball diamond has been installed.) The Emergency Services request that the old house numbers be replaced with the updated 911 numbers in a highly visible location. These uniform signs make it much easier for them to locate an emergency when needed. Thank you.  --Pegge Dodge


Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy – Report April 2004:

The Conservancy received our Lake and Watershed Assessment Study in December.  This study was funded through a PA DEP Growing Greener Grant.  As expected, the greatest threat to the water quality of Walker Lake is non-point source pollution.  The most common sources of non-point source pollution are storm water runoff and septic systems.  The Lake & Watershed Assessment Study identified 30 priority non-point source pollution sites within the watershed.  The Conservancy has submitted a PA DEP Growing Greener Grant to design and construct Best Management Practices at two priority sites in Walker Lake and one site in Twin Lakes.  The Conservancy should receive notification from PA DEP by early summer whether we will be funded.   If the Conservancy is a recipient of the grant, we would design the Best Management Practices in 2004 at the three sites and begin construction in 2005.  The Conservancy has received the support of the Pike County Conservation District, Shohola Township Board of Supervisors, Walker Lake Landowners Association and Twin Lakes Park Association. With regard to septic systems, the Conservancy has submitted a grant application to the Canaan Valley Institute to conduct a 2-pronged approach to educating the residents of the watershed about septic systems.  The first approach will consist of an inventory of septic systems in the watershed including a homeowner questionnaire on the current condition of their septic system.  The second approach will be a series of educational activities on septic systems including a septic system fact sheet, maintenance checklist and Septic System Seminar at the Walker Lake Clubhouse.  The Septic System Seminar will be presented by Bruce Fox and is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 24, 2004.  Bruce Fox presented a similar seminar in 2003, which was well attended.  Please make plans now to attend the seminar if you didn’t attend last year. If you care about the water quality of Walker Lake and want to ensure that Walker Lake remains healthy and pleasant, then we need you to become a member of the Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy.  Your membership support will assist the Conservancy in continuing to monitor the water quality of Walker Lake as well as protect the property values of our community.  To become a member, contact me: 296-2244 or visit our website at  Memberships begin at $5.00 for senior and student and go up to $50 for corporate or business.  Family memberships are $15 for family.  There is additional information about the Conservancy on our website thanks to Jeff Seeds.  All membership contributions are tax deductible.  Please join us and visit our site. --Peter Wulfhorst


    Road Maintenance:

Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association will begin annual maintenance and upgrades soon.  Please be aware that minor inconveniences may be necessary in order to carry out this maintenance. Please check the website for updates on the maintenance schedule (  Signs will be posted to provide important information about the maintenance of our roads.


Speed Limit & ATV’s:

Complaints have been made regarding speeding by residents and their guests.  Please remember that the community speed limit is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.  Many

road problems would be avoided (particularly during the Spring thaw) if speed limits were observed.  Additionally, there are many small children in this community that we’d like to keep safe! Owners are reminded that use of registered ATVs are permitted only when

in compliance with PA law and Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association rules and regulations. These vehicles are permitted, provided they have been registered with the Commonwealth of PA and carry the necessary insurance and identification. ATVs & snowmobiles must be registered at the Walker Lake office.  Proof of insurance and PA registration is required when registering for use on Walker Lake roads.  ATV stickers must be visible and validated annually. Use of ATVs on our roadways is a privilege and

will be suspended if complaints continue.


Road Bond:

A friendly reminder that you must post a $2000.00 Road Bond for construction projects that will be occurring on your property.  The road bond is refundable, provided the heavy-duty equipment used during construction does not cause harm to the roadways in Pennsylvania Lakeshores.  Please ensure that the road bond has been paid before beginning construction projects.


Crime Watch:

The Association has been having some difficulties maintaining its Crime Watch schedule.  Please attempt to switch with another committee person or notify us if you are unavailable for your week’s patrol. Additional volunteers are needed.  Please contact the Crime Watch Chairman, Jack Rauch on 296-2605 if you are interested in participating.


Beach Badges, ATV, Car and Boat Stickers:

New Beach Badges and “04" stickers will be required as of 7/1.  Pick up at office.



Property owners are reminded that they MUST NOT deposit household refuse at the Clubhouse for pick-up. Property owners are responsible for making private arrangements for their trash pick-up.



Sorry to report that Dick Frantz’ wife, Alice, passed away in February from her battle with cancer. Our condolences go out to Dick and to their daughters Linda and Nancy.