Newsletter #79 February/March 2004

Winter parking:
Please, no parking on the roads during and after a snowstorm; please give plow trucks the right of way because when the plow is loaded with snow it's hard to maneuver. We don't use salt on the dirt roads so please be patient with the conditions. Snow tires are extremely helpful. The snow lasts a little longer on this mountain (1442 feet above sea level) than in Milford.

Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy - Report November 2003:
Approximately 25 residents of the Twin/Walker Creeks watershed attended the October 25 Conservancy public education meeting.  Those individuals were provided an update by our consultant, FX Browne on the watershed assessment plan that is nearing completion as well as updates by Board members on our finances, lake monitoring, bathymetric reports on Big & Little Twin Lakes and a septic system and oil tank survey.  The watershed assessment is the first step in managing and protecting the Twin/Walker Creeks watershed by determining where pollutants are coming into the lakes and providing measurements of pollutant loads to Walker Lake.  Once we identify the areas that are contributing pollutants to Walker Lake, we can design measures to reduce the pollutants to Walker Lake. Non-point source runoff is the biggest contributor of pollutants to the watershed and one of the major sources of non-point runoff is sedimentation from roadside drainage ditches.  The Conservancy will be working on how to prevent sedimentation from getting into Walker Lake from areas that have had exposed soil.   The watershed assessment has also identified phosphorus as a limiting nutrient.  Phosphorus is transported to Walker Lake by sediment and is easily made available to aquatic plants once the sediment is in the water.  The increased levels of phosphorus in Walker Lake have caused some aquatic plants to increase in numbers.  This increased plant growth is contributing to a slight eutrophication of Walker Lake.  If this nutrient load continues, we can see increased algae blooms in Walker Lake.    We have decided to submit a Growing Greener Grant application to design and install non-point source runoff area in Walker Lake as well as Twin Lakes. The Conservancy was successful in obtaining a grant to install streams signs on Twin Lakes Road for the Twin Lakes Creek and Walker Lake Creek.  Shohola Township will be installing the signs.  This will educate travelers through our watershed on the names of the streams in our watershed. If you care about the water quality of Walker Lake and want to ensure that Walker Lake remains healthy and pleasant, then we need you to become a member of the Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy.  Your membership support will assist the Conservancy in continuing to monitor the water quality of Walker Lake as well as protect the property values of our community.  To become a member, contact me at 570-296-2244 or visit our website at  Memberships begin at $5.00 for senior and student and go up to $50 for corporate/business.  Family memberships are $15 for family.  There is additional information about the Conservancy on our website, thanks to Jeff Seeds.  All membership contributions are tax deductible.  Please join us and visit our website. --Peter Wulfhorst

LAKE REPORT  January 2004:
The lake draw down valves were opened on September 21 and finally closed last week.  We had a very wet fall and the lake never went to the full draw down level for any length of time. The main purpose of this draw down was to do maintenance work on the dam and to hard freeze aquatic plants.  The spillway surfaces but not the center bulkhead were resurfaced.  All dam maintenance was completed except that we still need to repair the trash screens at the entrance of the outlet pipe and within the valve containment.  We were unable to do the screen work since the water level was never low enough. If you have questions about the lake please call me directly and refrain from calling any of agencies mentioned below as this results in more complications and delays.  We are not trying to hide anything and are concerned as you about the health of our waters as this contributes to the value of our properties.
Because any water impounded by a dam is considered waters of the United States, many government agencies can get involved.  So far they are:  Pennsylvania DEP, Pike County Conservation District, Pennsylvania Bureau of Waterways Engineering, Pennsylvania Fish & Game, US Homeland Security and the US Army Corps of Engineers. We were not able to obtain the necessary final permission from the Army Corps to remove silt.  They were to visit and observe the silt sites but they delayed and now they can observe nothing because of the snow cover.
--Ralph Cioppa, Lake Chair.

Constitutional Amendment Ballot Results:
At the September 14, 2003 Board Meeting and General Membership Meeting, a constitutional amendment was approved to eliminate the Association's constitution.  This constitutional amendment has also been overwhelmingly approved by eligible members via a mail ballot which ended on December 31, 2003. Following is the final vote tally: Approved=144, Disapproved=8, 152 Ballots Returned, 270 Ballots Mailed
Relevant items formerly contained in the Association's constitution will be included in the revised Association By-Laws.

Any artist interested in forming a local group of fellow painters please contact me after April 1st 2004 at 570-296-4436 or e-mail me at  My ambition is to have a get together once a month at the Shohola Fire House on Maple Drive in Walker Lake for a day of painting and sharing of talents.  I am having a problem with getting motivated at home and feel that an atmosphere created by fellow artists would do just that.  I am into decorative painting but would like to do other things as well. If you feel that this type of camaraderie is for you, please contact me in order to discuss the matter further.  My target startup date would be the 2nd Monday in May. Hoping to hear from you. --Jean Gannon.

Beach Party:
July 24th will be the 2nd. Annual Walker Lake  Beach Party

The 2004 Social Events Schedule will be published in a future newsletter.

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