Newsletter #77 September/October 2003


LAKE DRAWDOWN: We will begin to draw down the lake beginning on September 21.  We anticipate allowing the lake to refill beginning on Jan 1, 2004.  The main reason for this procedure is to flush the lake of the over abundance of chemical nutrients that flow in from owners´ properties and road run off.  In addition, we will be able to better inspect the dam and make needed repairs.  Shore front owners will be able to clean their water front property.  We anticipate that the draw down will kill the bloom of blue-green algae currently along our shoreline and most floating plants.

DAM MAINTENANCE: Immediate work We will be adding rip-rap on the slope, leveling rip-rap due to shifting, removing grass from rip-rap, removing overhanging limbs on dam, lubricating and stroking lift mechanism (gate), realigning the erosion damage at right wall of erodible channel, removing vegetation and debris from redouble channel, reseeding embankment (done), removing vegetation from vicinity of outlet pipe, removing vegetation from spillway approach. After the draw down we will control weeds in the lake and owners will be able to remove weeds near the shore, replace the discharge gate (wood), replace the metal liner at outlet side of outlet pipe, repair surface spalling on channel floor, restore weir surface with epoxy mortar, inspect and possibly remove or resurface the center bulkhead (originally built to hold a walkway across the dam).

KEEPING THE LAKE CLEAN: These recommendations are from Professor E. Kubersky of the Felican College Division of Natural Sciences, published in the monograph, Eutrophication Analysis of Walker Lake (1994). Some are being carried out now, others will wait. We plan to control run off. T&WCWC has marked 25 sites contributing to the high chemical content. In addition, we will move the clubhouse drain. Use herbicides (done last summer). Draw down (this fall winter). Monitor, educate and communicate.  If we can´t slow the eutrophication rate, we will have to ban certain lawn fertilizers, create a basin at inlet to trap sediment, install an alum injection system at the outlet or apply alum to deep sediments to precipitate and inactivate phosphorous. Harvest weeds mechanically, replace metal septic systems, eliminate all gas powered motorboats and vehicles on the water.

PERMITS: We will apply for new permits for the reduction of the geese population by removal, lethal shooting and addling in November.

MONITORING: T&WCWC took wet chemistry, secchi disk and turbidity samples on June 30 and July 25 and late August. E Coli and wet chemistry tests were done.  Temp average, 75 F: total dissolved solids 28 mg/L: dissolved oxygen, 8 mg/L but 5 mg/L at 3 meters (low). Total dissolved solids, ammonia, phosphorus, nitrates, turbidity, conductivity are over the standards. We want to keep our lake clean.  We had a wonderful conference done by the Twin and Walker Creeks Watershed Conservatory on June 28. The topic was septic systems.  We learned a great deal of information and were glad to see many new owners present.  This awareness will make a change.  Shortly, lake front owners will receive a questionnaire concerning their septic systems and oil tanks.  This will increase their awareness and lessen problems. Thanks to all for giving us a cleaner lake. Ralph Cioppa, Chair


JULY 24th THE SUMMER OF 2004 will be our next annual beach party! July 26th was a SUPER FUN day at the Clubhouse Beach!  Our first Walker Lake beach Party/Picnic was attended by 150 happy well-fed community members proudly wearing their beach Badges. The music, by our newest members, Wayne & MaryAnn Duvoison, was absolutely perfect and their Karaoke songs were totally enjoyed by all our blossoming songsters! Rich Tritschler provided the longest, heavy-duty extension cord ever seen and Josh & Risa Stern generously gave us the electric power for our fun music. I must mention my fantastic workaholics Bernie Di Maio, Gwen & Charlie Kieselmann, Phyllis & Roy Gambino, Linda & Ralph Cioppa, and our cooks Bernie Di Maio, Charlie Kieselmann, Roy Gambino, John Monahan, Chet Dawson, Bill Bekisz and Jay Warshofsky. Yummy stuff good for the tummy. My kitchen ladies Barbara Silver, Dotty Meyer, Linda Dubowsky and myself enjoyed our air-conditioned work quarters, but it was more fun going outside with all our neighbors. Our weather was perfect! Many thanks to Lois & Jack Rauch and Linda Ott for checking Beach Badges and handing out nametags. The Zimmermann family filled 850 water balloons and trucked them down to the beach--not a balloon was left--each one had a special target--compliments of Walker Lake children! Our generous donators of food and dollars were Mary Iverson, Pegge & Jim Dodge, Pat & John Innaco, Eric & Laura Steifman, Chet & Pat Dawson, Michelle & David Kener and Charlie & Kalina Ivanov. Pat & John Innaco set up the coffee and dessert table. Our yummy donated cakes and cookies and Make-Your-Own-Ice Cream-Sundaes and watermelon really topped off a GREAT Beach Party. The Schwenkler family donated their Dad, John, to supervise our goofy Raw Egg Toss contest and the splashy Water Balloon game.  John was a magnificent MC and hopefully he will honor us again on July 24th 2004!! The adults joined in both games and screams and laughter filled the air. The day ended with new friendships and lots of smiling faces. Thank you to all. Barb Di Maio, Chair- Special Events

Fee Raised

The security deposit for the clubhouse rental has been increased to $200.

Penny Social

The annual Walker Lake Penny Social was held on Sat. July 12th. There were approximately 80 people in attendance. The door prizes were won by Dick Frantz and Roy Gambino. Marvin Schecter, who donated the $66 back to the Association, won the 50/50. In total the penny social made $530. I would like to thank everyone who donated items, backed cakes, helped in setting up and cleaning up, and worked that evening to make it a fun occasion for everyone there. A special thanks is also given to the following businesses who donated items: Carol Ann´s Linen Closet, Hagemann´s Barbershop, Hagemann´s Tackle Shop, Luhr´s, Mcdonald´s, Milford Craft Show Inc., Myer The Florist, Pegala Unlimited, Perkins, Prime Time Meats, Susie´s Sweet Shop, Kulp Foundry

Don´t Dump Garbage!

The Association is in the process of taking civil action against property owners who dump garbage on common property, along roadways, etc.


Tennis signup:

All persons who want to use the court are reminded there is a signup sheet so that all interested parties can have time on the court– please signup and limit play to one hour. Play longer, obviously, if no others are signed up or waiting. The basketball hoop has been moved so that basketball play will not interfere with tennis activities.

Speed Limits:

The speed limit in the Walker Lake community is 25 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted.  This speed limit is primarily for safety reasons.  However, higher speeds cause considerable damage to our roadways.    Please slow down!

Pot Luck Supper:

October 4, 5:30 p.m. Call Linda at the clubhouse or Dottie Meyers, 296-7759 (bring enough for 10 people and let Dottie know what you´re bringing.)


Items for the next newsletter: please notify Bill Mays, editor (570-296-2134 or, e-mail Deadline for Nov/Dec. newsletter is October 26th.