Newsletter #76 June/July 2003

Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy – Report June 2003:

The Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy is in the process of completing our watershed assessment project.  The Conservancy Board is conducting stream sampling in the watershed as well as a bathymetric study of Big Twin Lake.  The streams in the watershed will be sampled during stormflow conditions.  The stormflow samples will identify the amounts of phosphorus, nitrogen and sediments to Walker Lake and Big & Little Twin Lakes.  These stormflow samples will assist the Conservancy in prioritizing areas that might be contributing non-point source pollution to the watershed and thus impact the water quality in Walker Lake.  Non-point source pollution to Walker Lake is surface water pollution that can´t be easily traced to a particular location.  This type of water pollution is diverse and comes from land use activities such as agriculture, residential and commercial development and forestry.  Information obtained from storm sampling will be used to look at options to manage this runoff.

In addition to storm sampling, the Conservancy´s volunteer monitors will be collecting water samples from Walker, Big Twin & Little Twin Lakes.  Our 1st and 2nd Growing Greener Grants has funded the purchase of water quality monitoring equipment, training of volunteers and laboratory analysis of the samples.  However, we have exhausted the state funding to pay for our lake monitoring.  We will need to pay for our lake monitoring from our Conservancy funds.  That is where we need your help.

If you care about the water quality of Walker Lake and want to ensure that Walker Lake remains healthy and pleasant, then we need you to become a member of the Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy.  Your membership support will assist the Conservancy in continuing to monitor the water quality of Walker Lake as well as protect the property values of our community.  To become a member, contact me at 570-296-2244 or visit our website at  Memberships begin at $5.00 for senior and student and go up to $50 for corporate/business.  Family memberships are $15 for family.  There is additional information about the Conservancy on our website thanks to Jeff Seeds.  All membership contributions are tax deductible.  Please join us and visit our website. --Peter Wulfhorst

Boats Stored Dam Area & Sandy Beach:

As indicated in a previous newsletter, a survey of the boats stored at the Dam Area & Sandy Beach has been conducted. Of the 59 boats currently being stored at these locations, we have identified 35 boats that do not have the appropriate stickers. 

Boats stored at the Dam Area and Sandy Beach must have up-to-date identification stickers.  Please obtain the appropriate stickers or remove them!!

Boats without appropriate stickers will be removed on July 1st.

Lester Dilts:

Member Lester Dilts is recovering from an illness. To send a get well card: 127 Lakeshore Road, Shohola, PA  18458

Tennis/Basketball signup:

All persons who want to use the court are reminded there is a signup sheet so that all interested parties can have time on the court– please signup and limit play to one hour. Play longer, obviously, if no others are signed up or waiting.

Drainage Ditches & Culverts:

The drainage ditches and culverts should never be used for depositing leaves and yard debris.  This results in clogged culverts, impedes drainage and consequently causes road damaged when water spills out onto the roads.  Please keeps your ditches and culverts clear of debris.

Speed Limits:

The speed limit in the Walker Lake community is 25 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted.  This speed limit is primarily for safety reasons.  However, higher speeds cause considerable damage to our roadways.    Please slow down!  With the summer months approaching, children are likely to be out at play.

Women´s Club Flea Market:

In recent years we have been spoiled by the beautiful warm spring days of Memorial Day weekends. Not this year!--it was drizzly, cold, and pretty miserable, but we were encouraged by the number of hearty souls that did come out to our annual affair. The men and women of the fire and rescue squad set up the tables for us and had the kitchen all spic and span so that we could serve luncheon to those who came and enjoyed the delicious peppers and sausages (thanks to the Gannons), and hot dogs. Diane Graham, from the Women´s Club and, not a Walker Lake resident, served lunches. Barbara Di Maio sold the cakes along with Phyllis Gambino. Dot Meyer planned the affair and Lois Rauch and Barbara Di Maio assisted. 50/50 tickets were sold by Bernie Di Maio and Jack Rauch. Our profits from this year´s flea market didn´t match previous years, but what is made is used to help finance other women´s club endeavors and we will donate $250 to the Fire and Rescue Company. Thanks to all who helped. The best part of this whole day is that it brings out a lot of our “summer folk.’ People we haven´t seen all winter are back up, looking forward to a nice warm, pleasant summer. It was so good to see you all again. We really miss you during the winter. Be sure to partake of the planned picnic at the beach this summer and the penny social at the clubhouse. See you there!

Penny Social:

July 12; doors open 6 p.m.; calling at 8 p.m. if you´re willing to bake cakes it´d be greatly appreciated; call Linda at clubhouse to let her know how many you can bring!

Pot Luck Supper:

August 30 AND October 25. 5:30 p.m. Call Linda at the clubhouse or Dottie Meyers, 296-7759 (bring enough for 10 people and let Dottie know what you´re bringing.)


--By Elizabeth Trebony, Past President, Walker Lake Landowners Assn.

It was a sad day, May 6, 2003, in many ways, when present and former officers and members of the Association gathered for Dinner at Dimmick Inn to say “farewell’ to Dave and Hazel Vandeventer, both in their 80´s, who sold their summer and weekend house in Walker Lake.  They are giving up the many hours of driving back and forth to their primary home in Philadelphia.

Lakefront homeowners on South Shore Drive for the past thirty-five years, Dave and Hazel contributed their volunteer services in every Association activity these many years.  Dave served on the Association Board of Directors for thirty years:  three terms as Vice President in the 80´s and a term as President in the 90´s.

At the Dinner, members recalled a few of the many Association projects Dave voluntarily undertook.  I spoke of one from the mid 80´s:  I had entered data on close to 800 landowners and some 2,700 lots into my 10-year-old Radio Shack computer that had limited capacity and was incompatible with newer computers.  For the first time we had computerized records, but when the Association bought a new, state-of-the-art computer with increased capacity in 1990, transferring the program seemed impossible.

Dave contacted a number of retired engineers who belonged to his computer club in Philadelphia whom he then enlisted as volunteers to solve the problems.  They transferred programs and coding from the old machine and all of the data without losing any data-entry information or losing the ability to activate all of the old codes.  After months of work he and his friends succeeded in writing new codes to adapt the old program and then programmed, with greater capacity in the new machine, new improved functions and inter-connected fiscal and landowner transactions previously held in separate files.  It had been a massive undertaking, saving the Association tens of thousands of dollars for professional programming fees! Then following up, he serviced the new computer all through the 90´s into the 2,000´s, trouble-shooting problems as they occurred, often driving here from Philadelphia just to solve a computer glitch or work out a way to fulfill report requests.

Dave served many years throughout the 80´s and 90´s on the Association Finance Committee. He and Hazel worked in the Flea Market at the Association´s annual Bazaar.

On behalf of the Association and landowners, members present expressed sincere thanks for their dedicated service.  To modify the sadness, members urged them to return and be their guests during future visits to the Lake.  So, ‘till we meet again, all good wishes to David and Hazel Vandeventer!

FREE July Beach Picnic:

FREE (if you wear your Beach Badges) Picnic for Walker Lake Community; Saturday, July 26th, 4 -9 PM at Clubhouse Beach. MEET, GREET, and EAT with your neighbors, compliments of the Board of Directors. Call Barb Di Maio, 296-7730, by July 18th to confirm number of guests attending (so we know how many to buy goodies for). ALL our community members are welcome.  NOTE: we will need cooks, barbecues, assistance with greased watermelon contest (never did one before). We will also have raw egg toss and water balloon fun. Our menu: hot dogs, relish, sauerkraut (need to heat in clubhouse), hamburgers, mustard, ketchup, veggie burgers, baked beans (need to heat in clubhouse) potato chips, soda (will need ice and coolers), ice cream (keep in clubhouse freezer) juices (in coolers). We´ll need Styrofoam plates, napkins, forks, soda cups, trash cans, charcoal for barbecues and HELP. Also, please bring your own chairs. May I hear from you with anything I left out and suggestions?  Our security guard Mr. Savarese will check for badges. Barb Di Maio 296-7730


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