Newsletter #75 April-May 2003

Finance Committee Meetings are held prior to Board Meetings at 9:00 a.m.  in the Read Clubhouse.  They meet each month January through December.

Lake Committee Meetings are held prior to Board Meetings at 9:00 a.m. in the WLLA Conference Room.

Pot Luck Supper: April 26-info from Dottie Meyer (296-7759) or WLLA Office

Civil Complaint Hearing: A civil complaint hearing initiated by the Shohola building inspector was recently held in the magistrate's court. A Walker Lake resident was fined $1,000 for failing to clear debris and trash from her property. Whenever necessary the Association fully intends to avail itself of this type of civil action.

Towing Contract:
WLLA has entered into an agreement with a local towing company to provide towing services for the community.  Private vehicles will be towed, at the owner's expense, if parked on common ground areas without proper identification (i.e., Walker Lake roadways, Clubhouse, Clubhouse Beach area, Boat Launch area,  & Sandy Beach).  Cars will also be towed if they are parked on roadways and prevent snow plowing, road maintenance and adequate passage of emergency vehicles.

Security Patrol Officer:
WLLA has hired a beach/lake patrol officer.  Walker Lake residents are strongly encouraged to contact the office to obtain appropriate identification i.e., beach badges, cars, boats and ATV stickers.  This year's beach badges and annual renewal stickers for cars, boats, ATVs, etc. are expected to be available for pick-up at the office in early May.  Until the 2003 badges/stickers are available, please use last year's.

Boats Stored at Dam Area:
Boats stored at the Dam Area and Sandy Beach must have up-to-date identification stickers.  A survey of these areas will be conducted in June of 2003.  All boats failing to have a current year identification sticker will be removed from the boat storage areas.  These boats will be held for (60) sixty days.  If unclaimed they will be trashed, or sold to the highest bidder by the Association.  If you haven't already done so, boat owners are strongly encouraged to obtain up-to-date stickers.

Snow Plowing:
It would seem that basic common sense and respect for other Walker Lake residents and property owners would make it unnecessary for us to state the obvious.  However, recent events require us to remind all property owners that any action that impedes the progress of snow removal activities within our community is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Snow removal is a necessary activity that ensures that emergency vehicles can gain access to your home or property in the event of a fire, police or medical emergency. Therefore, property owners are reminded that parking on Walker Lake roadways is not permitted during times when snowplowing, sanding, road repair work or the passage of emergency vehicles would be impeded.  Such vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense. As you are well aware, this has been a long, grueling, and, snowy winter.  It seems only fitting to take this opportunity to thank Don Wall and his crew for the valuable service they provide to our community.  They certainly deserve our respect and cooperation when they are out there risking their own safety to keep our roads clear.

Twin & Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy - President's Report - February 2003:

I would like to introduce myself as the new President of the Conservancy.  My family and I reside in the Walker Lake community.  I work for Penn State Cooperative Extension as a Community Development Extension Agent in Milford.  I am looking forward to my term as President and continuing the excellent work the Conservancy has conducted under our 1st President Dr. Ralph Cioppa. The Conservancy is in the process of completing its 2nd Growing Greener Grant to develop a watershed assessment and management plan for the watershed.  To date, the Conservancy and our consultant, F.X. Browne, has developed a prioritized list of non-point source pollution problem areas throughout the watershed as a result of watershed investigations conducted in 2002.  The majority of these non-point problem areas are storm water runoff along roads that drain into the streams and lakes of the watershed.  The remaining work of the 2nd grant is to conduct a bathymetric survey of the Big Twin Lake to improve the accuracy of the water quality model for lake as well as obtain additional storm-flow sampling events for the Twin Lake Inlet. We have submitted a 3rd Growing Greener Grant to design and permit Best Management Practices to address these storm water runoff problems that were identified in the 2nd Growing Greener Grant as well as conduct a build-out analysis of the watershed in Shohola Township.  We hope to hear about the status of the grant sometime in July. Dave Kirk, former Conservancy Treasurer and Board Member, has moved out of the watershed.  The Conservancy and Walker Lake Landowners Association will be honoring Dave at a dinner at the Dimmick Inn on Saturday, March 28.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Linda Ott at the Walker Lake Clubhouse at 570-296-7788.

Other upcoming educational programs include a Septic System program on Saturday, June 28 at 9 am at the Walker Lake clubhouse.  The Conservancy is also considering a grant application to the PA League of Women Voters to conduct other educational programs. Finally, we encourage current members to renew their membership in the Conservancy for 2003 as well as those residents who have not joined the Conservancy to become a member.  Please contact me at 570-296-2244 in the evening if you need a membership application or Linda Ott at the Clubhouse so she can place your name and address in our folder.  Again, thanks to everyone who has joined and volunteered for the Conservancy.  I would love to hear from you if you have any concerns.  I can be reached at  
--Peter Wulfhorst

Political Action Committee:
Communication with our elected representatives at all levels is vastly improved when they have been supported in their election bid with a contribution to their campaign fund.  One sizable donation is far more effective then smaller individual contributions.  Businesses and organizations have learned to use the Political Action Committee as a means of supporting persons running for political office.  PAC's provide access to elected officials.  PAC's exist at all levels within our system and can be especially helpful at local levels of government. A PAC supported by even a portion of an organization can be extremely helpful when attempting to articulate a position.

Operation of a PAC is independent of the sponsoring organization and is managed by a committee who oversees and makes decisions for the PAC. Participation individually would be modest, collectively though could have a large impact on influencing decisions that affect our community. If you feel you would be interested in supporting a PAC, please respond to me by email or letter to the WLLA office. I would welcome your comments either for or against establishment of a WLLA PAC.
--Richard F. Tritschler at

WLLA website: The website is a work in progress.  In particular, we welcome your digital photos in the currently existing categories of Seasons, Nature and Wildlife, Lake, and Social Activities.  Also, in the Local Services section, we have links to
various local services and resources that have an online presence.  We would like to turn this into a comprehensive listing, so please share any links to useful local resources that you may have.  An email link for submission is available on each page.
--Jeffrey Seeds, webmaster

"Mobile Medic" coming: Full-time advanced life support service coming this Spring. Details as service becomes available.

If you want something to be included in the next newsletter please notify Bill Mays, newsletter editor (570-296-2134 or, better, e-mail info to Deadline for submitting items for the June/July newsletter is May 25th.