Newsletter #72 August-September 2002


Please remember to have your badges with you when using beaches or basketball/tennis court. We are experiencing increased usage of the court--a signup sheet is there and should be used (one hour limit at a time) so that all may have access.


Several complaints have been made regarding dogs barking, both during the night and day. We live in a small community with many residences within “earshot’ of one another. Dog owners please take the necessary steps to insure your dog is not an auditory nuisance to your neighbors.


Both last year and this year people have been given tickets for boating on the lake without a proper personal flotation device even though they had the orange cushions with straps on them.  These were once approved by the State of PA, but no longer.  Kmart has had such cushions on sale and they are marked "U.S. Coast Guard Approved" but that does not mean they are PA approved.  You have to have an actual life jacket for each adult and children must be WEARING theirs.  The fine can be quite steep so take note and make sure your devices are approved.  PA's Fish and Boat Commission

Web site has details and diagrams of the approved devices in their online "Boating Handbook" (


It has come to the attention of the Board that many owners are concerned about the abuse in the use of outboard motors on Walker Lake.  Larger outboard motors are being observed and noted along with large boats inappropriate to the size of our lake.  While 5.5 hp motors are permitted on our lake, their use represents both a pollution and safety problem. A watercraft can still speed, create wakes & endanger swimmers.

Your covenant allows the use of 5.5 outboard motors.  However, this privilege is not engraved in stone, not ‘bulletproof’ in the words of the Pennsylvania Planned Community Act on Old Planned Communities and can be removed by the owners of our Association, by members´ vote. We are feeling our members´ anger.  We need to seek all owners´ cooperation in this manner to eliminate this problem but a few are pushing the envelope and are causing problems.  Please understand but that we are ready to invoke our landowners´ rights under the act´s Article II, section 5012, to remove this privilege and amend your covenant if it becomes necessary.



By now most of our waterfront owners, swimmers and boaters have noticed the floating weed strands on our lake. The plant is known as Elodea (pronounced ell-oh-DEE-uh). It begins as a rooted plant but then breaks away to become a floating plant. The floating strands snare one another and tend to form a mat. The whole mass is unpleasant to look at; strands easily wrap around boat props and they can even entangle swimmer´s arms and legs. Recognize that the species has probably always been here. Like all other lake weeds though its growth is limited by (1) the need to share the stingy availability of nutrients, (2) a normal “replacement’ of water through the lake and (3) very cold winters that usually kill (most of) it. Last year, however, was not normal. 2001 provided a full summer drought during which very little water passed over the dam. None of the nutrients escaped. As portrayed by our consultants, we literally fed and incubated the weeds for months. In most years winter would have erased the problem by killing off all but the most stubborn weeds. Not so in 2001/2002. We had ice cover for only a few weeks and “no sustained, hard freeze.’ Much of the adolescent Elodea apparently survived. Then it came back with a vengeance. Why? Perhaps because of 80 unwelcome residents—all geese. At a recent PA symposium it was explained that an adult goose can easily “translocate’ (move from land to water) one-half pound of phosphorous per year simply by doing what we all know they do best – into our lake. Phosphorous is the building block of new growth. It must be controlled in a lake or that lake will end up first as a swamp and then as a forest. Lakefront property becomes a distant memory.

The Lake Committee has decided to do three things: (1) attempt to kill as much of the Elodea as possible (immediately) because it can be a swimming hazard. This is done chemically at no risk to humans or aquatic animals; (2) place phosphorous reduction high on the list of tasks to be accomplished under the Conservancy´s Growing Greener Grant; (3) use the lake phosphorous level data for 2002 to support the Association´s request in 2003 to control our goose population.

Community Action: In the meantime residents are reminded to (1) warn all guests who might swim at your beach of the weed problem AND rake/pull/remove all weeds that you can; (2) resist feeding the geese; (3) make them feel unwelcome but do not harm them; (4) avoid the use of phosphate-bearing products such as certain lawn fertilizers, dish and laundry detergents. If a product is phosphate-free it will say so (usually on the back label). Examples are TIDE with Bleach Alternative and Free/Clear Cheer.

Our Goal:  to shrink the spread of Elodea and reduce the goose population virtually in tandem. We hope we can count on your help. Thanks.

----On a similar subject Barbara Di Maio reports: A conversation with an old time resident of Walker Lake revealed that our lake was lowered every 5 years to almost bare bottom; this allowed homeowners to repair docks, allowed the winter freeze to kill all weeds and in the Spring the natural forces of Mother Nature sent us clear clean water to refresh us during the summer. Beaver:  they are back -- Mother Nature is a strong lady. Protect your trees with heavy wire (up to 3 feet high) or you will lose them to our furry friends. Barbara also says thanks to homeowners that care:

How fortunate we are to be able to walk our roads and uplift our hearts when we pass homes with whimsical signs, hanging chimes, windmills, gazebo's and fountains and pretty flowers (covered with deer wire) and pretty flowerpots with silk flowers  (no deer wire).We thank these homeowners for the little things that make our community a wonderful "small town" to live in.



Work will begin this fall on a Walker Lake Web site, and we need great images of Walker Lake itself, surrounding natural beauty, wildlife, seasonal changes, community events and people having fun, etc.  If you have digital photos or appropriate artwork that you would like to offer for inclusion on the site, please email them to  Or if you have great hard copies (or extremely large digital files) please drop them off in an envelope with Linda Ott at the office.  They will be scanned or copied and returned to you.  Depending on volume, we will not necessarily be able to include all contributed material.


AmeriGas, a major propane supplier, has established a “Twin Lakes /Walker Lake Community Price’ for propane, which will run through January 17th, 2003. We also have verbal agreement that it will continue for at least another full year. AmeriGas hopes to save money through bundling of deliveries and more customers.

The price for propane for all users in the Twin Lakes/Walker Lake area who sign up regardless of volume used will be $0.65 over terminal price in Marcus Hook, PA. This currently equates to $1.11 per gallon. AmeriGas also called this a “FLOATING PROTECTED PRICE’. Propane prices should stay well below any other offer AmeriGas makes including the annual protected price incentive.

The offer is for current customers of AmeriGas and any others who wish to switch. They will also support any changes of existing tanks to be able to accept AmeriGas propane. Formal proposals will be sent to Peter Loewrigkeit at Twin Lakes. If you are interested in this proposal you can contact AmeriGas directly and speak with John Blockberger at (570) 424-5902 or e-mail AmeriGas at

Let´s all evaluate our current propane usage and pricing and get on board. Many of your neighbors have already signed up. The more people we sign up the lower our prices will be.


Special thanks to Grace Hachtman, her family, and the faithful band of helpers who made that evening a real pleasure for those of us who attended. It was such fun collecting all the prizes we bid on and the prizes that were donated by local business people, the 50/50, and the cake and beverages donated by volunteers. We urge all of you to make sure you don´t miss it next year. We are sure you won´t be sorry you came. Bring your children and grandchildren as they get the most excite3d! Grace works so hard all year collecting the prizes and making this such a good evening and we all appreciate your efforts. See you all next year.

…and this from Grace Hachtman:

The annual Walker Lake Penny Social was held on Saturday, July 13th. Though attendance was less than previous years, the night was still a success. A total of $457.50 was made during the evening. I would like to thank my family and all the people who helped set up, clean up, and bake cakes—making the evening a fun time for everyone who attended. Sincerely, Grace Hachtman.


June 25th our clubhouse was unscathed by the heavy rain (7 inches in less than 2 hours), hail and lightning -- big thanks to Jack Rauch who found the time, in between checking every road in community, to clean the basement of a few inches of water

runoff. Many of our homes had driveways washed out and interior water damage; the Matol family arrived and found their road a washout; the Donovan house had 5 inches of water in the basement! Thanks to Don Wall for coming to the rescue! Charlie Kieselmann and Dave Kirk were out photographing the damage in our community.


Due to the unusual rainstorm on June 26th, WLLA sustained unexpected road and beach damage.  Thanks to Don Wall, most roads and beaches were restored in two (2) days.  However, Algonquin, Cahoonzie and Iroquois had to be closed due to severe washouts. In the very near future, these roads will be completely regraded, crowned and ditched with new culverts. All existing culverts have been opened by Don Wall.  PLEASE, all property owners try to keep these culverts and ditches clean of debris and open so that waters drain properly. We are in the process of checking out replacement corner road signs.  We´re in need of 60 signs. Anyone with a good idea let us know.Thank you! Jack Rauch,Temporary Road Chairman


Many thanks to John & Jane Walts who dug up and replanted shrubs and flowers in the

Clubhouse flowerbeds. Needed: more volunteers to help our community look pretty.


Jane Walts has recently suffered a stroke.  She is being rehabilitated at Horton Medical Center, 60 Prospect Avenue, Middletown NY 10940. Cards, messages & phone calls are welcome.  Visitations should be planned after 3PM daily and all day Sunday, because of her therapy regimen. We send her our best wishes for complete recovery.


Walker Lake´s Kalina Ivanov, the David Keners and Charles Noyes are part of the committee to artistically decorate the famous “Painted Bears’ which adorn many Milford businesses.  These Bears are the forerunners of the Black Bear Film festival in Milford, which runs October 10–14.


for all her years of writing our newsletter. This is one busy lady—she is very active in St. Ann's Parish working at any and everything that needs to be done. She and hubby Frank (Board Director) are very involved in local Boy Scout Troop activities.


The Board of Directors reporting on homes with unhealthy, unsightly amounts of trash, derelict autos, and discarded household lumber, received several unhappy letters. These homeowners are being put on notice, by a formal letter of complaint, to clean up their properties.


Peggy Dodge and Bob Hanrahan are our new Directors.  They will assume their duties in

September 2002. Congratulations!!!    


Both land and homeowners are very concerned about the "many junk properties".  There appeared to be no awareness of the Board of Directors actions on this issue.  In addition, there seemed to be no recognition of the legal, liability costs and other technical difficulties that are inherent in trying to cope with this problem. Again, there is a need to improve communications.  We are trying.



Saturday, September 21, at Shohola Firehouse on Rt. 434; 10 am-10 pm. Anyone who has photos, printed items, souvenirs, old post cards, etc. related to Walker Lake please bring them to the Clubhouse. We will have a display table at the celebration. Items will be returned so please be sure and print your name on each piece. You are also welcome to sell any handcrafts or baked goods for your own profit or for our community profit as we do at our annual Flea Market.


Walker Lake resident, pianist/composer Bill Mays, will make a rare “local’ appearance and present an evening of music at the Water Wheel (150 Water Street, Milford), Saturday, September 21. Mays will lead his trio (piano/bass/drums) in a wide variety of original music & standards, including 3 recent pieces (“Shohola Song’, “Out  In Pa.’  and “ShoHo Love Song’) inspired by the natural beauty of, and his love for, this area.

Information: 570-296-2383/296-2134 or email


A new shop, “Imagine That Or Whatever,’ has opened at 629 W. Harford St., 409-8178 (across from Apple Valley and next to Ultimate Video). Audrey Lanham and Dixie Rich welcome you to come browse and bring in your merchandise to sell on consignment.


Saturday, Aug 24th at Clubhouse Call Dot Meyer at 296 7759.


If you want something to be included in the next newsletter please notify Bill Mays, newsletter editor (296-2134 or e-mail E-mail is preferable as the information can be easily cut and pasted. Deadline for submitting items for the October-November newsletter is Sept. 25th


BOARD MEETINGS:                                            

August 10

September 8

October 12

November 9

December 14

all at 10:00 a.m.



September 8

2 PM at the Clubhouse.