Vol. #101 September/October 2007

President's Report

"Thank you" to all who voted at the elections in July. The new Board of Directors took office September 16, 2007. We hope to carry on the work of the Association according to your wishes. We can only know what your concerns are however, when you make them known to us. Please send us your comments and suggestions and attend the General Membership Meetings. If you do not attend, your voice cannot be heard and your concerns may not be addressed. You cannot be part of the majority if you are not present.

Information has come to me in the last few months, which makes it clear that the Walker Lake Bylaws and Constitution should not be rewritten. After consulting with three different knowledgeable sources and our attorney it is important that any changes that are to be made should be made by amendment. This means that the original Bylaws and Constitution will remain as they were and be changed only by amendment. These changes or amendments will be presented to the General Membership as the situation warrants. All changes will be listed in the WLLA Newsletter as they occur, as will any changes to the Rules and Regulations.

If you need any further information about this, please do not hesitate to call me at the WLLA office: 296-7788

Let me take this opportunity to remind you that we are STILL in need of a Treasurer. I have resigned from this position to insure that there is no conflict arising from holding both these seats. I will continue to oversee this function until a suitable candidate is found and accepted by the Board.

Bernie Reyes, President, (Interim) Treasurer

Treasurer's Report September 23, 2007

The Budget for 2008 was approved on September 16, 2007. The new budget is posted in the WLLA office and on the bulletin board outside the clubhouse.

The Checking balance as of the today is $14,856.95
The total reserves are $179,146.88

Our accounts are holding up well and our expenditures have not exceeded budget. As we approach the end of the year, we may find the need to take money from reserves to meet expenses. The funds that were not needed for immediate expenses at the beginning of the year were transferred to reserves for this purpose. This ensured that we received the most return on our funds while keeping the funds available for expenses when needed.
Please let me know if you have any questions. As always, Kellee and I will be glad to answer your inquiries.

Bernie Reyes, (Interim) Treasurer

Secretary's Report

At the September 16, 2007 General Membership Meeting the Board of Directors and those WLLA members voting and present as well, passed a motion to allow test speed bumps at the following locations:    Pear, Birch, East Shore, Walker Lake Road, White Spruce, Lakeshore Drive

We would appreciate the community's input as to whether this approach is working on reducing the speeding problem.

Also at the September 16th General Membership Meeting there was a discussion of the current ATV ban. As a result of the vote on the reconsideration of the ATV ban, the Legal committee has been given the task of ensuring that the lifting of the ban is feasible. The Committee will review the PA All-Terrain Vehicle Law. The Committee will also determine if there are any ramifications concerning WLLA's liability insurance coverage if the ATV ban is lifted. Once this is accomplished the findings will be presented to the Board and, if necessary,
brought to another vote. Please be advised that the ATV BAN IS STILL IN EFFECT in ALL areas of Walker Lake until we can finish the review.

From the Office:

· Due to lack of response, the flu shot clinic is canceled.

· WLLA has found a MONGOOSE boys mountain bike. Please contact the office with the color and we will turn it over to you.

Community Announcements

Ø Please do not post notices on our mailboxes. The tape pulls the paint off the surface destroying the finish. More importantly, it is ILLEGAL to post signs on Federal property.

Ø Please help our homeless pets! Pike County Humane Society is in need of donations. They are looking for blankets, towels, food, bones, chew toys, cleaning supplies, and money donations. They are also collecting empty soda cans to recycle. WLLA has donated $200. Let's all work together and help our furry friends.
Coming events calendar

Be part of the excitement this year (our eighth!) and get your tickets for interesting and innovative independent movies at the Black Bear Film Festival office, 113 Seventh St., across from the Water Wheel at the Upper Mill or call 570-409-0909.  Take a look at the upcoming program at www.blackbearfilm.com.  There will also be a FREE Film Salon, featuring student-made films, videos and talks by people in the field.

Ø October 13th - BUS TRIP TO MOHEGAN SUN CASINO AT POCONO DOWNS. The cost is $15 per person with a $10 food bonus. The bus will leave at 9am from the Clubhouse. Call Fran Orth at 296-5528 to reserve your place.

Ø October 25th - Lackawaxen/Shohola Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan Public Meeting - Shohola Township Building - 6:30 PM. The meeting will address Open Space, Greenways & Recreation Master Plan Concept and Presentation of Comprehensive Plan Elements.  For more information, contact the Pike County Office of Community Planning at 570-226-6293.

Ø October 27th - Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy Annual Meeting - Keeping Rain Water Where it Falls
As residential and commercial development increases in the Twin/Walker Creeks watershed as well as Pike County, the volume of water running across the land into our streams and lakes increases. This water is known as storm water runoff. In order to reduce this storm water runoff from future development, communities and homeowners can address the amount of impervious surfaces associated with storm water runoff. The Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy will be presenting "Keeping Rain Water Where it Falls", a program that will focus on designing, installing and caring for landscapes that benefit our local environment by reducing storm water, flooding and water pollution. You will learn how increased impervious surfaces are affecting our watershed and the water quality of our streams, how to design and install a Rain Garden to capture runoff from your home and community, how riparian buffers can prevent nutrients and other pollutants from entering our streams and lakes and why grass is not the ideal alternative to reduce storm water and what plantings can reduce impervious surfaces.  

        "Keeping Rain Water Where it Falls" will take place on Saturday, October 27 at 10 am at the Walker Lake Clubhouse.  The program will be conducted by Vincent Cotrone, Urban Forester Educator with Penn State Cooperative Extension.  If you are concerned about the water quality of our lakes and what you can do to keep our lakes clean, you need to attend the program.


        Our annual Halloween Pot Luck Supper is in its planning stages.  The date has been set and prizes are being purchased.  So mark your calendars and get out your costumes for Saturday, October 27th at 5:30PM at the Read Clubhouse.  

        As always, we ask that you make your favorite dish to share, and make enough to feed at least 10 people.  Prizes will be given for the funniest costume and for the most original. There will be separate prizes for Adults and Children.

        Please call the Office at 570-296-7788 and let us know how many in your family are going to attend and what kind of food you will be bringing. This will help us to coordinate the food and make sure there are enough tables set up. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Ø November 10th - Long-time Walker Lake resident pianist Bill Mays has just completed his seven-movement piece, the "Delaware River Suite." Composed for cello, trumpet and piano, the suite is a tribute to, and "an adventurous musical ride" down, the Delaware River. It includes a hoedown, a boogie, and speaking parts that reference Walker Lake, Shohola, local color and historical characters. Also on the program: Mays' "Shoho Love Song" and works by Bach, Debussy, Jobim, Rachmaninoff and Charlie Parker. Mays and his "Inventions Trio" perform Saturday, Nov. 10th at the Tusten Theater, 210 Bridge St. Narrowsburg, NY 12764.   Tickets/Info: (845) 252-7272 and http://www.artsalliancesite.org/.

Legal Notice

Official Notification of Actions by the Board

The following list of fines was submitted by the Legal and Finance Committees and approved by the Board of Directors on September 16, 2007. This fine schedule became effective as of the date of that vote, September 16, 2007.


1. Fee for lost beach badge = $5.00
2. Recovery of loose float = cost of recovery plus $50.00 fine (WLLA will determine if weather conditions warrant imposing fine).
3. Dumping of leaves, branches, and other yard debris on other than one's own property = $500.00 first offense, $750.00 second offense, and $1000.00 third offense.
4. Dumping of household garbage, tires, and other debris in violation of the "Junkyard Ordinance" = $500.00 for the first offense, $1000.00 for the second offense.
5. Vandalism = The Association offers a $1000.00 reward for conviction of perpetrators. If they are minors, the parents will be held responsible. We will seek restitution from the individual or (if minors) the parents.
6. Trespassing of any motorized vehicle on the dam = arrest, $5000.00 fine, and restitution and/or repair costs.
7. Improper use of tennis courts (roller skating, skate boarding, walking dogs, ATVs, etc.) = $100.00 first offense, $250.00 second offense, $400.00 third offense.