Vol. #100 July/August 2007

Annual Meeting Election Results

On July 15, 2007, at the Annual General Membership Meeting, members present elected new Officers and Directors to the WLLA Board of Directors. Those elected will begin their terms at the September 16, 2007 meeting. A heartfelt thank-you to those who have volunteered their time to serve on the Board of Directors and congratulations to the newly elected Board members!

2007 Election Results

President - Bernie Reyes
Vice President - Frank Dubowski
Treasurer - Bernie Reyes (interim)
Secretary - Carol Mihail
Directors  (new term): William Carpenter, Carol Mihail, Jeffrey Seeds, Bill Reese, Art Politano, Frank Dubowski, Judy Kirtley-Mays

The Board is actively seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of Treasurer, but in the interim, Bernie Reyes will continue to serve in that position. If you, or anyone you know is interested, please contact the WLLA office @ 296-7788.

The next General Membership meeting will be on September 16, 2007 at 2pm in the Clubhouse. Come to the meeting and get involved in your community! This is an all-volunteer Association and giving a little of your time helps us all.

News from the Office

There is a Baby blue Sunfish sailboat at Sandy Beach that has no WLLA boat sticker on it and no Pennsylvania numbers on it. Please call the office @ 296-7788 if you have any information on who owns this boat. If the office does not receive a response, we will confiscate the boat and dispose of it.

1) Male Masonic gold ring, found in the lake/ beach area. If you can tell me what is engraved on the inside, I will release it to you. Please contact the WLLA Community Manager @ 296-7788.
2) Attachments to computer (wires), a rechargeable battery for a Kodak digital camera, and a case. Call the office @ 296-7788 with a description of the case and it will be returned to you.

Treasurers Report
July 2007

The checking account balance as of July 26, 2007 was $46,245.17.

Income for July was $7,885.04.

Expenses for July were $16,517.88.

Total funds in the Reserve Accounts are $177,315.47 as of June 30, 2007.

Our budget is still on track. These will be the crucial months until the end of the year. There is little revenue coming in since the deadline was February 28th. This is expected since we must receive the bulk of our operating expenses as early in the year as possible. Having a clear picture of the revenue is making the projection for future expenses more manageable.
You, the members of the Association, have shown tremendous support by paying on time. You enable us to plan and save and earn money for the Association by having the funds available for bill paying and investing for future expenses. The earlier the funds are invested in the reserve accounts, the better for the bottom line.
Those of you who have not paid as of yet, there is still time to make arrangements to do so. Kellee and I will be launching an aggressive campaign to recover assessments that are delinquent. Our attorney has assured us that we will have his full cooperation in this.

To those of you that have come forward recently to pay your assessments after many years, thank you.
Bernie Reyes

Official Notification of Actions by the Board

This is a new section of the newsletter that will serve to inform landowners of relevant changes enacted upon by the Board of Directors. Notices published in this section will serve as the official notification to all landowners of policy changes and amendments and revisions to the Association's Rules and Regulations. Notification will no longer be sent by separate mailings.

Adopted- June 9, 2007
1. ROAD RESOLUTION- The Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association Board of Directors has confirmed a standing policy that the Association will not construct roads to undeveloped lots. The initial road construction shall be the obligation of the landowner desiring the road to be put in. It shall be the landowner's obligation to seek contributions from the other lot owners serviced by and benefiting from the road. After initial construction, according to Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association road construction guidelines, the Association will assume the responsibility for the maintenance of the road.


The Absentee Ballot Constitution/Bylaw Amendment has been approved by the WLLA Members in good standing as follows:
Out of the mailing of 307 post card ballots, 102 were returned. The results were 100 voting yes and 2 opposed.
Therefore, The Absentee Ballot Process has been approved and will be implemented for the 2008 Elections. This will be added to the current and any future Constitution/Bylaws submitted for amendment.
Thank you for your participation.

The Nominating Committee


The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has Rules and Regulations regarding illegally disposing of municipal and demolition waste by dumping, burning or burying. All WLLA residents are responsible for the disposal of their waste.  Burning, burying, dumping, and stockpiling of wastes is illegal and should not be conducted. All waste materials, liquid or solid, should be properly placed in a container and removal scheduled on a regular basis. Improper waste disposal and storage practices may create health hazards, environmental pollution, and harm to the safety (can attract unwanted wildlife) and welfare of the environment as well as surrounding neighbors.
 Burning of a structure or debris generated from the demolition or construction of a structure is illegal
The above violations are subject to enforceable actions by the PADEP, Walker Lake L.O.A. AND Shohola Twp.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please note the following access information:
* Northeast Regional Office PADEP 1-866-255-5158, EXT 2:
* www.dep.state.pa.us
* www.epa.gov/garbage/facts.htm
Thank you:
Kellee Cicala

Notice from the Road Committee
The process of installing speed bumps in the community has begun and should be completed in the next few weeks.

The Sun Gods smiled on us for a glorious day of frivolity with all our community neighbors.
Our volunteers, Kim Borim, Art Politano, Pat, Bill & Jesse Carpenter, Bernie Di Maio, John & Pat Innaco, Jan & Bill Bekisz, Scott Rando (ouch my foot), Howard (fireman), Mario & Roseann Gargulio, Chet Dawson, Sue & Bob Becker, and me, were all johnny-on-the-spot to help set up the party.

We had 135 well-fed and happy Walker Lakers sharing smiles and yummies. Our "GRILLMASTERS", led by John Innaco, Bernie Di Maio, Bill Carpenter, Chet Dawson, Art Politano, Mario Gargulio, and Charlie Kieselmann, made sure the tables were loaded with food. Tat Chan donated another barbecue to add to our collection. Thank you.

Under the direction of our "MASTER CHEF", Pat Innaco placed all the goodies, including her huge pan of roasted potatoes, and MaryAnn Duvoison's sausage & peppers and pasta salad, with the baked beans and sauerkraut on our groaning board of food. Our neighbors were well fed.

Our "WATERMELONERS", Kelly & Peter Wulfhorst made sure the sweet slices were a perfect fit for our mouths and hands. Cheryl & John Keator were the best "ICE CREAM SCOOPERS"  -- they made sure " I " got "MY" chocolate sundae this year. Irene Buhler's backyard blueberries made her donated cakes grand!! These were added to the other desserts brought by great neighbors.

Our new Kareoke music DJ's were Roger & Donna Vreeland...they were a delight, and thanks to MaryAnn Duvoison for finding them for us. Silly me, in all the fun time, I forgot to tell them, "Please enjoy our foods". Hopefully, we can have them again next year. Thank you to Josh & Risa Stern for their electric power for our music.

Thanks to Irene & George Buhler and Jan & Bill Bekisz for checking in all our fun-goers at the "Blue Table" and being sure everyone had a Name Tag so we all knew each other.

Our "GAMEMASTERS" were Chip Jaeger and Tony Edelstein --they truly enjoyed themselves setting up the Raw Egg Toss contest with all the little children and adults. Tyler Williams and Barb Silver were the best yolker picker uppers from the beach sand.  We had lots of EGGY shampoos that needed many paper towels. Screams and laughter filled the air with the "Fill the Water Bucket" contest and many strong arms and legs worked really hard to complete their tasks.

Many thanks to our Beach and Grounds crew Charlie & Gwen Kieselmann who worked so hard to pretty up our Beach with flowers and white sand. Thanks also to Don Wall for the smoothest beach that always gets RAIN-washed away just before our party.

My "Flyer Putter Uppers", were Judy Mays, Bernie Di Maio, Fran & Phil Orth, and Art Politano. We put up over 150 Flyers, but we still needed to call and remind people. P U L E A S E -- we need YOUR NAMES so we can shop for food to fill your tummies. My shopping expert was Patty Innaco. Next year, I will split up the shopping; our muscles got really big pushing those carts with all that food.
Almost forgot, our dear Kellee Cicala in our office, she was the MOSTEST help with all "stuff" I wasn't able to do.

If I forgot any names, forgive me, we had such a great day, and with so many people helping to make it so enjoyable --twas a pleasure seeing all the happy people and hearing them say "I never knew these neighbors!"  This is my JOY and BLESSING, having all our neighbors at WALKER LAKE knowing each other and enjoying each other.  See you all next year! MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDAR!   
Barb Di Maio, Chair