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Saturday, July 21, 2018






The Regular Board of Directors Monthly Meeting was called to order at 10 am.


Notification was given that this meeting was being recorded.  No objections were received from anyone present.





Members present:  Mario Aieta, Michael DeVita, Janice Hahn, Ron Lisciandrello, Bill McCarthy, Rose Murphy,  Paul Palladino, Vicky Perrotta, Carol Reynolds, Wendy Wishnie, Carol Gillen


Excused Members:  Darlene Challacombe

Unexcused Members: Mike Misciagno and Marty Zuckerman



The Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Minutes of Saturday, June 16, 2018 were reviewed via email.  Motion by Carol Reynolds, seconded by Wendy Wishnie to approve the Minutes. Rose Murphy abstained, all remaining voted aye.  Motion passed.  



Motion made by Vicky Perrotta, seconded by Mike DeVita to approve the agenda. All voted aye, motion passed.



Gratitude expressed to the Nominations Committee for all their hard work on this current election.  Results will be announced at the Annual Membership Meeting following this meeting.


Request made for additional twelve (12) hours per month for Kathleen Zimmermann to facilitate getting her work done during ‘quiet time’.  The hours chosen at her discretion.   Motion made by Paul Palladino to approve an additional twelve (12) paid work hours each month for Kathleen Zimmermann to complete her work, seconded by Vicky Perrotta.  All voted aye, motion passed.  


New regulations are in place from Wayne Bank.  With the new election, we want to have the four officers of the Board of Directors to be signatories on the Wayne Bank accounts.  Motion made by Janice Hahn, seconded by Wendy Wishnie to have Janice Hahn, President; Carol Reynolds, Vice President; Carol Gillen, Treasurer; Rose Murphy, Secretary be authorized signatories for the WLLA bank accounts.  All voted aye, motion passed.  


Art Politano’s house on Maple Drive is going for sheriff’s sale on August 22, 2018 at 11 am for $51,206.64.


Three more homeowners were referred to Shohola Township for trash/garbage strewn on property. 


Our Western World insurance claim has been denied.  Attorney Farley will appeal the decision, but we must prove Art Politano was classified as an employee. 


Gratitude expressed to Bill Boehme for the fixing water problem in the clubhouse.


It has been observed that fires and driving vehicles on beaches are continuing.  Fires, including fire pits and bar-b-que pits, are not permitted on beaches or any WLLA owned property. Driving any type of motor vehicle is also prohibited from our beaches.  Our insurance will not cover any liability claims.  We encourage community members to please adhere to this policy.  All beaches are open at dawn and closed at dusk.


Membership and boat tags are in and are available to all members in good standing. As of August 18, 2018, membership tags are to be presented at the door to be admitted to all Monthly Board of Directors meetings and General Membership Meetings. 

Boat tags must be on boats stored at all boat launches by August 18, 2018.  Any boats remaining after that date without a current sticker will be brought to the clubhouse for claiming.  Also, volunteers will be cleaning up the boat launch area at the dam to empty boats left on the ground that have filled with water.


Attorney Farley, Mario Aieta, Ron Lisciandrello, Janice Hahn and Marvin Schectner met to discuss and create clear policies and guidelines regarding our Friends of Walker Lake Facebook page. Carol Reynolds and Vicky Perrotta will remain as administrators and Brian Reynolds will be removed, Mike DeVita will be added.   Motion made by Carol Reynolds to approve “Guidelines for Friends of Walker Lake Facebook Group Page Usage”, attached, with Carol Reynolds, Vicky Perrotta and Mike DeVita as administrators, seconded by Mario Aieta.  All voted aye, motion passed. 


Gratitude expressed to Ron Lisciandrello for all his dedicated work as past treasurer.




A request for donation to the Shohola Fire Dept was recently received.  This issue was tabled until next month in order to discover our donations policy. 


Motion made by Carol Gillen, seconded by Vicky Perrotta, to pay invoice of $158.40 to for our WLLA website.  All voted aye, motion passed.


Payroll support not in place and checks are cut manually.  This procedure will continue until the end of the year. 


Clarification for transition between Carol Gillen and Ron Lisciandrello was discussed. Motion made by Carol Reynolds, seconded by Mario Aieta to rescind the motion from the July BOD meeting to move $65,000 from the Roads Reserve to the Lake Reserve and continue making monthly transfers in order to satisfy the Hinkel settlement as written. Ron Lisciandrello opposed, all remaining voted aye.  Motion passed.




A.    Finance committee to explore options to redistribute funds appropriately to the Lake Reserve. 



Gratitude expressed to Vicky Perrotta and Margaret Lisciandrello for their hard work on this current election. Results will be announced at our Annual General Membership Meeting later today. 



Maryann Muschlitz for Linda Verge reported that no one is showing up for events. 

Suggestion made to survey community members to see what types of events would be of interest.

Request for a Petty cash account made and denied. 

Reimbursement to be made once expenses have been approved and receipts presented.


D.  CLUBHOUSE No activity



Peter Wulfurst’s report attached.  The dam registration fee is being explored for necessity.  Graffiti on the center portion of the dam has been addressed and an investigation is ongoing. Our consultants handle all chemical application and it is re-evaluated yearly. All ingredients of chemicals used are filed in the clubhouse office.  The lake has been treated for bladderwort twice and water lilies once.  Repeat question about lake draw down addressed at previous meetings resurfaced. Research finds drawdowns are detrimental to the health of the lake.  Suggestion to read article to same and information in the clubhouse files. The treasurer requested information and Lake Reserve numbers from the committee in order for her to complete the yearly budget.



Report made by Mike DeVita for Darlene Challacombe. An email vote was favorable to hire Warner Paving for $8683 to repair potholes on gravel roads.  Volunteers needed to fill potholes on paved roads.  Bids are being entertained for snowplowing for the winter 2018-2019 season with separate bids for materials and suppliers.  Bids due July 28, 2018.  Motion made by Mike DeVita seconded by Mario Aieta for invoice on the amount of $113.79 from Granger for a 10’ pole and brackets for the Cavan Court sign. All voted aye, motion passed. Report attached. 



New ways to advance communication being explored. Bulletin board to be installed by the Maple Park mailboxes.  The newsletter will be published September 21, 2018 and request made for articles. Report attached.



Motion made by Mario Aieta, seconded by Paul Palladino to adopt the revisions to the Off Road Vehicle ban changed from ATV ban and reduce the fines, see attached.   All voted aye, motion passed.


Motion made by Mario Aieta, seconded by Vicky Perrotta to accept the proposed revision clarification  to Appendix II to the Constitution, Article 7 under meetings, as written (see attached). All voted aye, motion passed. 


I.  RENTALS.   No activity 


Mike Misciagno absent.  Mike DeVita has joined the committee. 



Motion made by Carol Reynolds, seconded by Mario Aieta to approve $2675 to On Time Landscaping to remove large rocks at the clubhouse beach and repair the retaining wall. All voted aye, motion passed.  Report attached.


Chop and Drop took down two large trees on WLLA property and fire wood still available. Question if warranty still applies to tennis courts as many flaws have been found.


Motion made by Carol Reynolds, seconded by Mario Aieta to pay Spring Brook Enterprise $1041 to drop 2 truckloads of brown masonry sand on Swezy Beach. All voted aye, motion passed.


Beaches are open from Memorial Day until Labor Day from dawn to dusk.  Complaints received from people restricted from fishing on the beach.  Request made to fish outside the ropes at the beaches.  Matter tabled until insurance regulations for fishing and beaches are explored. Swezy Beach will be restricting motor vehicle traffic with use of a removable chain and sign. 


Motion made by Carol Reynolds, seconded by Mario Aieta to establish an emergency fund for Beach and Grounds in the amount of $150.  All voted aye, motion passed. 


Motion made by Carol Reynolds, seconded by Vicky Perrotta for $28.00 in materials to repair the walkway around the tennis courts and the downspout.  All voted aye, motion passed. 



Motion made by Carol Reynolds, seconded by Mario Aieta to rename the Publicity Committee to Communications Committee. All voted aye, motion passed.  



John Schwenkler presented a Theft of Funds timeline, see attached. 



Motion made by Vicky Perrotta, seconded by Carol Reynolds to adjourn the meeting at 12:50pm.