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Saturday, May 19, 2018





The Monthly Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 10:30 am



Members present:  Mario Aieta, Darlene Challacombe, Janice DiMaio, Mike DeVita, Janice Hahn, Ron Lisciandrello, Bill McCarthy, Mike Misciagno, Paul Palladino, Vicky Perrotta, Carol Reynolds, Wendy Wishnie, Rose Murphy 

Absent:   Marty Zuckerman 


The Minutes of the April 21, 2018 BOD Meeting were reviewed via email prior to the meeting. Motion made by Paul Palladino to approve the Minutes, seconded by Vicky Perrotta.  All voted aye, motion passed.


Motion made by Mike DeVita to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Carol Reynolds.  All voted aye, motion passed.



The Association was entered into a county-wide study of Tick Borne Diseases conducted through the Pike County Commissioners office.  Specimens will be collected in late spring and early fall which involves dragging a white cloth over low lying brush and leaf litter in common areas.


A proposal was made and voted upon to add the following to Appendix II, Article VI (6), Paragraph Two (2) the Constitutional amendments:  Hinkel Estates Director shall be designated by Hinkel Estates.  Only members of Walker Lake Landowners Association shall serve as an Officer of the Association.  


This will honor the Hinkel Settlement court order and will be voted upon at the July 21, 2018 General Membership meeting.  Motion made by Wendy Wishnie to accept the added sentence as written to the Constitution, seconded by Darlene Challacombe.  Ron Lisandrello voted no, Rose Murphy and Paul Palladino abstained, remainder voted aye.  Motion passed.

Discussion over numerous complaints of garbage strewn in the neighborhood by bears and other scavenging animals.   Letters have been sent to the reported addresses with a 48-hour notice to clear the trash to avoid further action.  A motion was made by Mario Aieta to impose a $10 per day fine to those who fail to comply, seconded by Mike Misciagno.  All voted aye, motion passed.  The fine will become effective four days after the postmark date and a follow-up letter will be sent two weeks later if it has been determined there has been no positive action taken by the property owner.


 Bear sighted in the area appears injured.  Suggestion made to call Conservation department to rescue bear for needed care and release.  Mike Misciagno volunteered to call.






Thank you to community member volunteers who participated in the May 18th clean-up of Sweezy Beach.  An entire dumpster container provided by Schields Container Service.   Sandy Beach is closed for swimming and will be open for boating and fishing only.  Swezy Beach is closed to fishing and will be open for boating and swimming only.   Clubhouse Beach is open for swimming only.  Dam area is closed for swimming and open for boating and fishing only. Motion made by Darlene Challacombe to accept suggestions for renaming Swezy Beach, seconded by Vicky Perrotta.  All voted aye, motion passed.  Suggestions due by June 30.  

Mike from Homeland Security has resigned after Tom Farley sent him a letter requesting a copy of his contract, which had not been renewed since 2009.   Currently in the process of finding a new security company to service the community. 

Tags are being ordered and will be available as soon as they arrive, three separate colors.  Temporary tags will also be available upon request, including the date of use.  Tags will be enforced and boats without proper tags at the launch areas will be removed.  Only waterfront property owners are entitled to have a dock or raft/float in the water.

Late assessment invoices will be mailed shortly with added interest.  Any invoices unpaid 30-days after receiving them will be subject to court proceedings by Atty. Farley, which will include added costs of attorney and court fees.







a.  Finance Report -  complete see attached.   Three new money market bank accounts have been opened at Wayne Bank, money moved from Wells Fargo - titled Lake Reserve, Road Reserve, and Capital Improvement.  Suggestions made to move money between accounts which could also satisfy the Hinkel agreement.  After discussion, decision made to discuss plan with Attorney Farley before transferring funds.


Motion made by Ron Lisandrello to pay invoices as presented, seconded by Mario Aieta.  All voted aye, motion passed.


 b.  Elections/Nominations - New nominees are still being received and will be vetted. Deadline to submit letter of intent is May 26, 2018. Nominations and voting procedure explained. See attached.


 c.  Program - current and future events outlined.  See attached report. 


 d.  Clubhouse - Discussion of cost of clubhouse rental. Motion made by Carol Reynolds to increase the 2 hour rental fee to $50, effective June 1, 2018, seconded by Paul Palladino.  Janice DiMaio opposed, all others voted aye, motion passed. 


 e. Lake -  Bladderwort material applied.  Deadline for water lily treatment requests due end of month. Motion made by Mario Aieta to apply three bacterial treatments which binds with phosphorus to improve the clarity and quality of the lake water, seconded by Mike DeVita.  All voted aye, motion passed.


 f.  Roads - Culverts are in need of clearing.  According to the Red Book, homeowners are responsible to clear the culverts on their property. Suggestion to place reminder in newsletter. Seeking bids for repair of potholes in the stone roads.  Potholes on non-paved roads are being worked on.  Motion made by Darlene Challacombe to purchase 2 skids of cold patch, seconded by Mario Aieta. All voted aye, motion passed.


 g.  Rules & Regulations - Proposal will be presented at next meeting with additions/ clarification to the ATV ban.


h.  Rental - No new activity to report


 i.  Publicity - deadline to submit articles for the newsletter is May 30.  Motion made by Mike DeVita to approve $600 from the capital improvements fund for materials needed for 2 official bulletin boards to be placed at the mailboxes on Maple Drive and Sweezy Beach, seconded by Darlene Challacombe. All voted aye, motion passed. See attached design. 


      j.  Security -  seeking new security company to service the community   Motion made by Mike Misciagno to solicit bids from 3 security companies to provide service to our community, seconded by Wendy Wishnie.  All voted aye, motion passed.


 k.  Beach and Grounds - Raft and buoys in place at Clubhouse Beach.  Sweezy Beach has been cleared, raft in place, buoys to be installed   Seeking bids for repair of terraces at Clubhouse Beach.  Motion made by Janice DiMaio to hire Zetzer Waste to deliver and service 2 portable potties for the summer season, seconded by Mike DeVita.  All voted aye, motion passed.  Motion made by Wendy Wishnie to hire Chop and Drop to remove the fallen tree in the clubhouse parking lot for $200.00, seconded by Vicky Perrotta.  All voted aye, motion passed.  Three bids were received from landscaping companies - Greg Hoeper for $6,000, Lucky Leprechaun for $4700 and Keystone, for $4600 to include the services of spring and fall cleanup and lawn moved biweekly. Motion made by Vicky Perrotta to hire Keystone Landscaping @ $4600/season, seconded by Janice DiMaio.  All voted aye, motion passed.  Three garbage containers have been placed at the beaches and dam area/ boat launch.




X. Meeting adjourned at 12:17 pm.