Please contact the office to report any lost or found items
They will be listed here


Boxer dog "Sadie". Call (570) 296-5174 or (845) 664-4943. Last spotted in the Hinkel Estates area.


Canoe w/ 2013 Boat sticker 3346. Contact the office for details.
Assorted keys and a cell phone. Contact the office.

Feb 2016 A dock has been reported adrift by a land owner. If you are missing your dock, please contact the office (it is frozen in place and you may have to wait to retrive it)

HINT: If you have a boat or a dock, please register it and affix a sticker to it.
It makes it a lot easier for the staff to find and contact you if your boat/dock is set adrift by storm conditions.

Email: wlla@ptd.net or wlla1@ptd.net