Print Guidelines

1. FRIENDS OF WALKER LAKE (FWL) is a closed group Facebook page dedicated to providing Walker Lake Community members with a social media page to post information on an ongoing basis of notices of community events; community photos depicting nature and wildlife; lost and found notices; recreational family photos; items for sale or purchase; notices of new businesses and other types of information of a social nature. FWL also provides for posting notices of power outages, weather condition and road conditions. The purpose of FWL is to encourage community members to have an outlet for contacting and interacting with one another.

2. FWL is NOT a forum for the posting of complaints and/or opinions regarding Board of Director’s policies or actions nor for debates regarding the same. Similarly, inquiries about rules and/or regulations are properly made to the WLLA office which is open Wednesday and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. The phone number is: 570-296-7788. Alternatively, we encourage all community members to attend the monthly meetings of the Board of Directors notice of which can be found on the Walker Lake Facebook page. Also, community members can contact individual Board members and raise problems or policy issues with them and have the same then presented to the Board.

3. At all times when using FWL community members shall communicate in a respectful and friendly manner without resort to name calling or hostile remarks. In the event, a community member violates these straightforward courtesy rules, then the FWL administrators will issue one warning in writing or by email asking that such conduct desist. If such or similar behavior continues, then the administrators will remove the community member from FWL. Any community member so removed can appeal such removal to the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. The only issue before the Board shall be to accept or reject the action taken by the administrators. In the event the Board of Directors rejects the action taken by the administrators, the warning shall be removed and the individual community member shall be restored to FWL.

4. The current administrators of FWL are Carol Reynolds, Vicky Perrotta and Michael DeVita.

5. These Guidelines were approved by the Board of Directors on July 21, 2018.